Business Process Logic Rules for Decision Support

Orchard’s broad and diverse customer base has made Orchard’s lab systems the leaders in flexible, rules-based, decision-making support technology that improves workflow efficiency and reduces errors. Using business process logic to drive advanced configurable rules that aid in decision making throughout the testing and resulting process, Orchard Sequoia enables a patient-centered approach to rule design and implementation that promotes accurate decisions. Sequoia’s leading edge, logical rule sequencing, and sophisticated filter options make rule design intuitive, easy to understand, and simple to build.

The shift to value-based healthcare has focused on eliminating waste and promoting efficient use of services. Because of this, test utilization has become more important. Orchard’s system’s decision-support rules allow users to work closely with ordering providers to eliminate obsolete testing, avoid unnecessary test combinations, and eliminate non-value added tests, contributing to overall improvements in the quality of patient care.

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