Cost Savings & Improved Patient Care

With the electronic connectivity offered by Orchard® Trellis™, organizations will see increased staff productivity and have more confidence in billing capture and test results. Efficiency and cost savings are derived from the reduction of time spent manually entering patient results, and the elimination of clerical errors ensures greater accuracy.

Because results are transmitted electronically into the EHR in real time, providers have prompt access to the POCT results for speedier diagnosis and treatment of the patient. Additionally, POCT results can be incorporated into analytics needed for risk stratification and population health management.

Integrated POCT results, for the right tests in the right situations, can improve consistency, accuracy, patient engagement, patient satisfaction, and ultimately patient outcomes. Busy labs that are expanding their clinical effectiveness can benefit from proper placement of POCT; they also need effective software to manage the diversity of POCT situations. Orchard understands the complexities and challenges associated with POCT and is offering a configurable POCT management and integration solution to meet your specific POCT scenario; this includes working with your existing LIS, managing bedside testing, or managing near-patient testing in a clinic setting.

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