Customer Feedback

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“We have installed and been live with our AP module since October 2007 and our physicians and pathologist are very pleased. Orchard was wonderful with helping get everything set up and the pathologist and staff trained. I think our reports (which are custom) look better than any other reference lab we have used in the past. Orchard has done a beautiful job helping us customize our reports. Orchard knows what they are doing and they have a great program for AP.”

Eyre Klindt; Laboratory Supervisor; Metropolitan Urologic

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“I have been shopping for an LIS replacement for the past five years. At the conferences I attended (COLA Symposium, CLMA, ASCP, etc), I met many passionate and loyal Orchard users who kept saying how exceptional Orchard is. I asked one of my colleagues who is a retired lab manager what she missed about the lab, she said, ‘Orchard!’

I have been a lab manager for >20 years and have worked with many vendors. Without a doubt, Harvest Orchard provided the best customer service! The entire implementation team responded to requests in a freakishly speedy manner, sometime within minutes. We were so impressed with the exceptional customer service, quality of the product, and the effectiveness of your team in helping us execute this huge project. It was a pleasure working with you all! Thank you!”

Eva Choy, MEd, BSc, MT(ASCP), Laboratory Manager/Medical Technologist, UNLV Student Health Center

return on investment (ROI)

“Our return on investment has been measured by the size of our test menu—we’ve added 7 new tests and taken over patient registration without adding personnel. Also, our Microbiology billing is 100% accurate. Previously, the steps the tech took on day one weren’t always logged in a way that the tech turning out the culture and charges on day two could capture.”

Heidi Kinney; Greenville Medical Center; Greenville, PA

online forums

“I rarely ever post to this group but I do look at everything that the rest of you write in about. A special thanks to all of you because of your inquiries and replies. We had our COLA inspection a couple of days ago and got a perfect score. Much of the credit goes to the members of this group…”

Don Conway, Laboratory Manager, Dodge City Medical Center

user training

“I attended the Advanced User Training at Orchard this past week. It was my second time to attend and I learned as much or even more this time around as I did 1½ years ago….Thanks so much to the wonderful staff at Orchard for making this another great experience!!”

Kena Hirner, Laboratory Manager, Hannibal Clinic, Inc.