Lab Network & Data Repository

Orchard Copia is a robust SQL-based integration engine that not only provides outreach and EHR integration, but is also capable of linking multiple lab facilities with disparate LISs to provide an inclusive data repository, remote access and lookup, and advanced data analytics. Orchard Copia can provide networking that simplifies the integration of multiple sites within complex integrated care networks. Orchard Copia’s intelligent routing tools ensure that orders are routed to the correct laboratory, and Copia compiles results from all laboratories to deliver a consolidated patient report to the provider.

For large health organizations linking multiple facilities and testing locations, Copia can provide a centralized repository of lab data for diagnostic analytics and remote access. Orchard Copia is designed to work with most existing laboratory information systems, allowing your organization to capture all the advantages of web-based outreach and EHR integration without investing in a new LIS. For multiple lab locations with disparate LISs, Copia can be used to link the disparate lab systems and create a single database for patient results.

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