Watch the Webinar: LabTalk: 3 National Experts Discuss the Latest Developments in Lab Stewardship & Patient Safety Pitfalls to Avoid!

This webinar from March 8, 2017, is the second of three in the Laboratory Stewardship series sponsored by Orchard Software in collaboration with Seattle Children’s Hospital. In this P.A.C.E.®-accredited webinar, laboratory experts from around the country will discuss the hottest and most difficult topics in pathology and laboratory medicine with an emphasis on lab management and trends in testing.

Following the webinar, you will be able to:

  • Describe interview and negotiation pitfalls and how avoid them.
  • Discuss examples of common staff performance dilemmas and how to best navigate sensitive situations while adhering to normative HR practices.
  • List best practices that will help your lab employees avoid change fatigue and increase staff morale.
  • Identify ways to facilitate open and honest dialogue for decision making and achieving consensus.

Keep visiting this site for additional information on the other P.A.C.E.®–accredited webinars in this series.

From the top-left, Mike Astion, MD, PhD, Carmen Wiley, PhD, and James Hernandez, MD, MS

About the speakers:

Mike Astion, MD, PhD, Medical Director, Department of Laboratories Seattle Children’s Hospital, Clinical Professor University of Washington Laboratory Medicine

James Hernandez, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Medical Director of Laboratories Chair, Division of Laboratory Medicine. Jim is involved in the integration and standardization of the laboratories of the Mayo Clinic. He also served as the Chairman of the Department of Laboratory Medicine’s Clinical Practice Committee, which addresses lab utilization and he has instituted a leadership and management program for residents and fellows at Mayo Clinic.

Carmen Wiley PhD, is the Regional Manager of Scientific Affairs at Roche Diagnostics. She is responsible for leading and developing the Medical & Scientific Liaisons in their relationships with the medical/scientific community, with the objective of critical scientific exchange including medical/scientific education and responses to unsolicited “off label” inquiries. She plays a key role in providing support to healthcare professionals as well as internal Roche scientific groups and local business teams.