Manage POCT Across Diverse Testing Networks

Orchard® Trellis™ offers POCT management and integration tools to address the complexities and diversity of POCT situations and ease the workload for POC coordinators. In addition to capturing results in real-time into your EHR, Orchard Trellis can track training and competency assessments for a multitude of operators, devices, and locations to help ensure quality of testing and meet inspection requirements.

Orchard Trellis can handle the various POCT connectivity and management needs of different healthcare facilities. Orchard Trellis supports remote handling of POCT QC, automates billing, and provides a full menu of reports. Depending on your POCT devices, Orchard offers options for users to access the POCT software alongside the test device, or the device can be “docked” to directly load results into the LIS and EHR.

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Personnel Management & Certification Tracking

Track POCT with Information Dashboard

Order Entry & Rules Functionality

Quality Control & Linearity for POCT

Cost Savings & Improved Patient Care

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Trellis offers multiple deployment options and uses the Orchard Device Engine (ODE) to support cloud connectivity between lab instrumentation and the LIS application.