For laboratory outreach, EHR connectivity and web-based access (for remote order entry and result delivery) are necessary components for success and revenue growth. Orchard® Copia® is a SQL-based, lab/EHR integration engine designed for complex outreach business scenarios such as those found in hospitals and independent laboratories serving multiple professional entities. Orchard Copia’s Java-based application is a front-end, web-based outreach system designed to increase your lab’s marketability by providing easy access and direct integration to your clients’ EHRs and other information systems. With Copia’s tools and electronic connectivity, using order entry from and result delivery to your clients’ EHRs, you eliminate paper requisitions, reduce errors, improve efficiency, and increase revenue.

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Meaningful Medical Analytics: Driven by Laboratory Data Integration

The changes taking place in healthcare offer great opportunities for the lab. The lab sits on the hub of clinical data that feeds diagnostic decision-making—information that will change the way we deliver and pay for care. Orchard Software wants to empower pathologists and laboratory leaders to see the value of the information they are processing and to become active participants in analytics that advance the value of lab information, improve patient care, and save healthcare dollars.

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Laboratory Informatics: Supporting the Future Needs of Healthcare

Laboratory informatics plays a vital role in supporting the future needs of healthcare and the changes that are taking place will require the laboratory to expand its reach and become more involved in patient outcomes. If you have concerns about your laboratory’s preparation for the future from an IT perspective, this white paper can help you think through the factors that must be taken into consideration to determine if your information systems meet the future needs of healthcare.

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