Today more than ever, for laboratory outreach service, EHR connectivity and web-based access for remote order entry and result delivery is a necessary component for success and revenue growth. Orchard® Copia® is a SQL-based, lab/EHR integration engine designed for complex outreach business scenarios like those found in hospitals and independent laboratories serving multiple professional entities. With electronic connectivity, you not only retain clients, but by using Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) and result delivery to your clients’ EHRs, you support Meaningful Use initiatives, eliminate paper requisitions, reduce errors, save time, improve efficiency, and increase revenue. With a continued effort toward the adoption of EHRs, our strategic direction focuses on outreach and integration capabilities to support our clients as they continue to expand and develop integrated health networks.

Structured Data: Essential for Healthcare Analytics & Interoperability

Imperative to value-based healthcare are analytics that measure and demonstrate outcomes and “value.” The foundation for analytics is structured data, or data that can be mined and shared with other systems. Orchard has published a white paper entitled, Structured Data: Essential for Healthcare Analytics & Interoperability. If you would like to understand the emphasis and importance of interoperability and structured data to facilitate precise communication throughout our healthcare system, this white paper explains types of interoperability, the importance of standards (such as LOINC and SNOMED CT), why structured data is necessary for analytics, and how it ties into synoptic reporting for pathology.

Download the white paper