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Orchard Harvest and Orchard Pathology version 11.0 Release

Carmel, IN—Monday, October 10, 2016—Orchard Software is announcing the latest version, v11.0, for Orchard Harvest LIS and Orchard Pathology to keep users as up-to-date and informed of the latest software changes.

As always, at Orchard, we are proud of the fact that we listen to our client base to continually improve our products. Version 11 contains more than 100 feature requests that were recommended by our customers. Below is a sampling of some of the changes.

Updated Visual Graphics

The newest version of Harvest LIS and Orchard Pathology provides updated graphic properties to provide a cleaner, more sophisticated look. Possibly the most noticeable graphic change is in the Work Centers window. Previously, all Work Centers buttons were black. When the user hovered over the button, a colored glow would appear. In the newest version, the button changes from black to white. The larger button design makes it easier to see what is highlighted when you move the mouse over the buttons to select them.

Extensive Updates to Order Entry Rules

Order entry rules are used for a variety of automated decision-making to increase efficiency and productivity in the lab. Since order entry rules were first released, Harvest LIS users have provided valuable feedback that has helped us develop more intuitive rules to meet your needs. The following order entry rule features are now available in version 11:

  • New order entry rules that can fax and email invoices and requisitions.
  • Invoice and requisition behavior is now divided into their own separate actions.
  • New order entry rules to change invoice and/or requisition layout templates based on conditions such as ordering location or provider.
  • Patient’s last order date and time conditions added to the Compare Dates/Times dialog box.
  • Current date/time option added to the Update Draw date/time drop-down list in the Order-Specific Actions dialog box.

Additional Features for Other Rules Tables

Orchard’s laboratory solutions are well-known for the flexibility they give to laboratories to write their own rules-based logic to meet their unique workflows. In version 11, many new features have been added to existing rules engines, such as:

  • Ability to “group” in all rules engines. A Group column was added in the list view, allowing users to create groups for use in sorting, searching, and filtering.
  • Added a “Find and replace CPT codes” option to the Rules-CPT Codes table.

Sample Tracking User Interface Updates

The following updates are included in Harvest LIS’ Sample Tracking functionality:

  • Details previously in the Item Details group box are now represented as columns in the list view (Storage ID, Storage Type, Linked Order ID, Location, Position, and Expiration Date/time), and a Creation Date/Time column was added.
  • Added ability to define and save filter queries. Added a “Filter Name” drop-down list that contains a list of all saved filter queries that can be selected.
  • Removed Draw Location drop-down list, Type drop-down list, and Linked Order ID text field because their functionality can now be accomplished using a filter.
  • Moved the Type drop-down list > Unassigned option to the Define Filters dialog, but Show Unassigned Items Only checkbox.
  • Moved The Hide Empty Items checkbox to the Define Filters dialog.
  • The List Details box group box is now accessed via the Debug List contextual menu option.
  • Updated functionality for the Storage ID text field/Find button and per bar code scanning a storage ID to search for an exact match only.

Orchard is committed to developing, installing, and supporting the very best laboratory information system, and regular software upgrades are part of this commitment. Feedback from you, our customers, is what drives the continuous development of our products and enables Orchard to provide you with an expanding list of features for greater flexibility and the ability to handle a variety of laboratory workflows and business situations.

Orchard Clients: Information for Upgrading Your Harvest LIS or Pathology System

This is a small sampling of the features you will find in the October release of Harvest LIS v11. To take advantage of all new features and keep your Orchard products up-to-date, please request an upgrade from the Software Downloads tab of your Orchard Resource Center homepage. Make sure you are up to date with the latest and greatest developments in your Harvest LIS or Pathology system! Contact your Orchard Account Manager at (800) 856-1948 for additional information.

About Orchard Software Corporation

Orchard Software Corporation (Carmel, Indiana), founded in 1993, is a leader in the laboratory information system industry and offers a variety of lab system solutions. Orchard’s products are installed in all sizes of multi-site and multi-specialty physician groups and clinics, hospitals, independent reference labs, student health centers, veterinary labs, and public health organizations. Orchard serves more than 1,500 laboratories across the country, helping them improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance integration. For additional information regarding Orchard Software, visit www.orchardsoft.com, or contact Kerry Foster at (800) 856-1948 or via email at kfoster@orchardsoft.com.

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