Order Entry & Rules Functionality

While the majority of your POCT orders may route into Orchard® Trellis™ via computerized provider order entry (CPOE) in your EHR, when you have unsolicited POCT orders you may also place orders directly in Trellis. Completed results transmit to Trellis, where they are ready for review and release directly into the EHR. Trellis can also receive unsolicited results from a hand held device and create an order choice based on the patient ID. Orchard Trellis supports standard barcode labeling printing, allowing for positive sample ID at the POCT location and reducing errors associated with non-standardized barcode label formats.

Orchard Trellis functionality includes the ability to configure order entry rules, such as test routing or alerts for duplicate tests, as well as result evaluation rules to hold results that do not meet your pre-specified criteria, further improving the turnaround time of POCT results. Additionally, Trellis can be configured to display instrument flags on the Trellis workstation.

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