Sample Tracking & Image Management

Sample tracking organizes and tracks laboratory sample and specimen storage to facilitate quicker, easier retrieval. At order entry, you can link orders to samples so that sample storage is integrated into your system. The sample tracking feature saves time spent locating stored samples and eliminates the frustration of looking through racks or slide boxes to find a much needed sample. Sample tracking provides the ability to track samples through active workflow using statuses, as well as when the sample is in archival, so that you know where the sample is at all times. When determining if you have a viable sample for an add-on test, you can quickly find out by looking at the animal’s history without unnecessarily going through the storage rack.

For pathology, color-coded statuses that indicate a specimen’s current station enable you to easily monitor the progress of specimen analysis, such as grossing, IHC, or awaiting pathologist review. At a glance, you can tell which specimens are pending and where they are in the process, allowing you to catch any specimens that need immediate attention.

The automated document linking interface simplifies the process of manually linking documents or images (e.g., photographs for Coggins tests, assay sheets, requisitions, etc.) to animals, orders, or QC, and you can add descriptive text that will appear on the report as desired.

Screen Shot of Sample Tracking

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