Personnel Management & Certification Tracking

Training and certification dates for all testing personnel are tracked within Orchard ® Trellis™. Users can be emailed prior to the expiration of their certification at a user-defined interval. In the expiration notification email, add customized text to provide further instructions. For example, “Your [POCT device name] certification will expire in two weeks. Please access the re-certification module in the Learning Management System.” Bulk changes (e.g., recertify all staff selected for a specific date) are easy to make in the Manage Personnel Certifications table, and updated expiration dates auto-calculate, making it easy for you to stay on top of upcoming certification due dates.

In addition, certification icons make it easy to see which POCT operators need certification, and you can associate personnel with specific devices and locations, as well as configure filters to make it easier to view the information you need (e.g., expired, expiring, certification dates, etc.). There is also an option to track operator certifications for manual POCT.

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The POCT management and integration software makes it easy to track when POCT operators are due for certification, and can auto-generate reminders for end users.