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Mr. B and the Blue Truck

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Mr. B & the Blue Truck

Interfaces & Systems Integration

Careful programming and a team of interface specialists make Orchard Harvest LIS the clear choice for “best-of-breed” integrated systems. Orchard follows HL7 protocols, and with hundreds of installations across the country, host system (EMR/HIS), billing, instrument, and reference laboratory interfaces have become routine, and the seamless integration of multiple systems, and even multiple laboratories, is possible.

See these articles for more information regarding the lab system’s role in the EMR/HER:


"Billing used to be delayed 14 to 30 days before Harvest LIS. Now charges are handled within a day. The task of manually posting a day of lab charges to the billing system used to take nearly 16 hours. Now one person is able to review and accept the charges via the interface in less than 45 minutes. Our revenue spiked significantly when we implemented the billing interface due to standardized posting of modifiers and 100% capture of charges. It was the most profitable interface that we have implemented!"
— Lisa Zinkovich, Laboratory Manager, Melbourne Internal Medicine Associates

Currently, we have numerous host, billing, instrument, and reference lab interfaces, and we are frequently adding more. Complete our online Interface Request Form to request a quote for an interface to your Harvest LIS.

  Order Entry and Results Delivery through Host Systems Save Time

Eliminate time-consuming phone calls by implementing electronic remote order entry through your host or EMR/HIS system. This will ensure that the testing laboratory electronically receives the necessary demographic, billing, and clinical information, and that samples are delivered, already bar coded, and ready to run. See the Available Host Interfaces section for a list of some of the interfaces available.

  Charges Forwarded to Billing Systems Ease Strain on Billing Department

Harvest LIS automatically screens for payable diagnosis codes at order entry and assigns the appropriate modifiers when needed. Orchard’s rules-based technology determines whether to add or suppress billing/CPT codes or modifiers to reflect the testing performed, and then automatically drops the billing record into the patient’s account. Using a billing interface with your Harvest LIS, your billing department will no longer be required to hand-key laboratory charges, so it can focus on other functions, like E/M code auditing.

  Hundreds of Instrument Interfaces Reduce Errors from Manual Data Entry

With installations throughout the country, Harvest LIS supports an extensive list of instrument interfaces, which grows longer every day. Bar coded sample labels enable direct tube auto-sampling with bar code scanners, which reduces errors and saves time by eliminating manual entry of patient information and results. See the Available Instrument Interfaces section for a list of some of the interfaces available.

  Bi-directional Reference Lab Interfaces Eliminate Paper Storage

With an electronic interface between Harvest LIS and one or more of your reference laboratories, Harvest LIS is the single source for order entry, regardless of the testing laboratory. Harvest LIS compiles results from in-house and reference laboratories into a single, electronic patient report, eliminating paper storage and simplifying access to historical data. Orchard has interfaces with numerous national and regional reference labs. See the Available Reference Lab Interfaces section for a list of some of the interfaces available.

Physician Office/Clinic Laboratory
Physician Office/Clinic Laboratory 
Hospital Laboratory
Hospital Laboratory 
Independent Reference Laboratory
Independent Reference Laboratory
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  Orchard Copia Enhances Connectivity

For laboratories doing outreach or integrating a network of laboratory sites, Harvest LIS, in conjunction with Orchard Copia, offers a web-based solution for remote access and linking multiple sites’ labs under a single laboratory order management and result delivery system. Copia’s web-based integration and outreach capabilities improve remote order entry and result delivery, EMR integration, test routing and consolidation, lab network efficiency, and reimbursement revenue. See the Orchard Copia product page for additional information.

  Blood Bank and Billing Interfaces Provide a Fully-integrated Solution

Orchard Harvest LIS is utilized by hundreds of hospital and regional and local reference laboratories. As a "best-of-breed" interoperable system, Orchard works with a variety of blood bank and billing system vendors to implement fully-integrated packages to fulfill the blood bank requirements of hospitals and billing needs of independent reference laboratories.

View the complete list of interfaces available.