Round Table Discussions: The Future of the Lab in Healthcare (May 2017)

Introduction: Welcome

In a collaborative effort to discuss the future of the laboratory in healthcare, Bob McGonnagle, Publisher of CAP Today, gathered with Orchard Software’s Curt Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, and Matt Modleski, Chief Operating Officer, American Health Network. This “round table discussion” was recorded in May of 2017 and edited into a series of seven short videos on various topics surrounding the laboratory’s role in the future of healthcare.

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Part 2 | Healthcare Consolidation: Understand your lab’s value proposition
Part 3 | Is the lab a crucial ancillary service or a pure commodity?
Part 4 | The lab’s role in population, health, preventive care and evidence
Part 5 | Clinical Consultations: Expect sea change as labs evolve in the care continuum
Part 6 | Point of care vs. point-of-care-testing (POCT): How POCT supports value metrics and closes care gaps
Part 7 | Orchard Software’s focus: Orchard® Trellis™ – POCT Management & Integration