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Service and Support

“Orchard is a good company. They stand behind their products and provide good support. They help us with upgrades, troubleshooting, and so forth. We have a good partnership with them.”

“The performance of the software and support is still at a high level of deliverance. Orchard has managed to stay focused and customer oriented. In fact, they continue to provide the support we are paying for in spite of the growth they have experienced. One fact that is almost amazing is that the system support, interfaces, and enhancements remain affordable.”

“Orchard’s support is excellent. When one of our servers died, one of Orchard’s technicians brought another server on-site, set it up, and stayed with us until we got back online. If it hadn’t been for that technician, we would have been out of commission for a long time.”

“When we want something, we usually call Orchard and tell them so. If they can do it, they do it. When there are enhancements or things that we need, Orchard is pretty good about telling us whether they can give us what we need right away, can put it on a project for the future, or can’t fill our request. I like the fact that when we call Orchard for support, we usually get to talk to an actual technologist. There are some IT people there, but there is usually a technologist close by. If we are trying to explain something to somebody who doesn’t quite understand, that person can go get a technologist who does understand what we are saying.”

“We would absolutely recommend this solution to someone else. Our level of appreciation for the vendor is very high. Based on how Orchard has been helping us recently, I think we are headed in the right direction with them.”

“I like Orchard’s customer service. It is excellent. When I have a problem, an Orchard technician signs on to fix it. When they can’t fix a problem within the day, they find someone who can fix it within the next day.”"

“In spite of their impressive growth, Orchard remains customer focused. The support team actually may have improved over time. The people at Orchard are enthusiastic about the company and Harvest LIS. It shows in the quality of the support that they deliver. Harvest LIS has deep functionality and is state of the art. Orchard provides timely releases to ensure that the system will remain so.”

“Orchard is a great company to work with. They have great support, including really in-depth training.”

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Functionality and Upgrades

“Harvest LIS is a solid product. It has a huge number of features. The system is very versatile when users get in there and actually start customizing. The system has a lot of different rules engines built in so that we can automate things. As labs come in, they have certain results that need to be flagged, or order choices that need to be changed based on the results of other order choices. We can do a lot of automation for all that, which is really nice. Almost every time I search for a feature, I can find it in the product somewhere. There is almost never a feature that I can’t find.”

“Harvest LIS is a powerful workhorse for laboratories of all sizes and integration levels. The system is flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any institution. IFTTT decision rules are easy to create and implement locally to get optimal results for a particular site or network. The product’s modules and service tiers allow for a wide variety of individualization to meet specific needs and cost considerations.”

“The flexibility and depth of the software makes Harvest LIS a very user-friendly system. We are able to use the LIS in multiple departments. It has robust quality-control capabilities, and the piece for tracking specimens is fast and accurate. The software is mostly bug- and error-free, and our bench technicians know they can rely on having a working system that can process a heavy workload.”

“I just love Orchard. They are easy to work with, and Harvest LIS is easy to navigate through. The system is customizable. It is very easy for me to change the system so that it is what I need and want and works for me. That is huge for me.”

“Harvest LIS is great. It does what our techs want it to do, probably because it was written by techs. It does a lot more than other systems.”

“We like Orchard, and Harvest LIS is very easy to use. It is very user friendly, and it is easy to build tests in the system. When we compare Harvest LIS to the other systems out there, we think that we would choose it again.”

“The things we can do with Harvest LIS are pretty amazing. In terms of the basic functionality, Harvest LIS is a fairly easy system to pick up. Learning the basics took me one or two days.”

“The system’s ease of use is excellent. The system is very easy to follow and similar to any kind of Windows program. We click a button, and the system takes us exactly where we want to go. The system is also easily learned. Any person who doesn’t know the system can go in and click on any image or highlighted thing. The flow sheet was created to be easily followed by anyone with any sort of computer skills. Users don’t even need lab skills to figure the system out. All of Orchard’s classes for instruction are very good.”

“Our organization has our own laboratory, and we decided that we needed a system to manage all our data. We selected Harvest LIS a couple years ago, and that was a very wise decision. After quite a bit of time, we were able to interface Harvest LIS with our oncology system and our billing system. The interfaces provide us a great deal of latitude in ordering, scheduling, reporting, overall regulatory reports, and more. We find that the system accommodates oncology extremely well.”

“We use the flexible reporting capabilities to the fullest. We generate various statistical reports sorted by each department for our management and any government agencies that inspect us. We have been able to produce quality control results rapidly and accurately. We also generate ordering and usage reports, especially for testing that is ordered by various departments in the hospital.”

“Orchard continues to improve their tools’ functionality by incorporating meaningful enhancements that allow us to meet heavy regulatory requirements and our own management’s dictates. Orchard as a company is meeting our three major requirements, which include high software performance on a daily basis, high-quality service, and functionality improvements via releases. All of these things are at the level of quality we expect.”

“Harvest LIS is the perfect software for our lab size and volume. It is affordable and has deep features. The system is easy to learn and use. It is a complete system that we can use in every department. We can also write rules in the system, and Harvest LIS has an extensive QC program. The software is intuitive and allows us to easily process patient specimens and run tests. We are very satisfied with this system.”

“We feel that Orchard Harvest LIS is a top-performing LIS system. One of the main strengths is that we have instrument interfaces. Orchard is able to provide new instrument interfaces in less than 30 days. They can do this because they have so many installations that most of the instrument interfaces are prepared and ready to be delivered off the shelf before the new instrument is purchased and installed. Orchard also provides high-quality interfaces to our reference lab and EMR. We have no complaints with or about Orchard whatsoever.”

“Harvest LIS is a great product for providers who like to have a hand in how LIS software can be manipulated. We can create rules for special situations, such as insurance issues, dilution issues, report-delivery issues, and reflex issues. We can make those rules without help from Orchard.”

“Harvest LIS is capable of doing so much. It has been of great benefit to our health system and our lab. Our interface with another of our systems is flawless and very smooth. I do not really have any suggestions because everything Orchard has done has been really great.”

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Return on Investment

“We are actually able to do a lot of things ourselves or with Orchard. When there are upgrades that come around, Orchard does not charge us for them. They work with us on that. We are paying our maintenance and that kind of thing. I would say they do not nickel-and-dime us like a lot of other LIS vendors do.”

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Implementation and Training

“We recently upgraded to v10, and that went very well. We had a very smooth installation and upgrade. Orchard provided competent assistance that lessened the disruption to our daily operations. As a company, Orchard continues to provide excellent support, and Harvest LIS is still of the highest quality and performance.”

“Harvest LIS is a very stable product. It is also user friendly, so it is easy to train new employees on it. It isn’t as complex as some of the other systems we have looked at.”

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Interfacing and Integration

“Harvest LIS does have the ability to interface well. It is not stubborn when it comes to interfaces. We can push as much alpha-numeric data through Harvest LIS as we want, and the system just takes the data and pushes it on.”

“Orchard integrates instrument interfaces and customizes their system very well. The interfaces that we use with our EMR or reference laboratories seem to be very easy and very smooth.”

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“We continue to rate Harvest LIS very high because Orchard continues to earn high ratings. Orchard’s staff members provide exceptional service, and the vendor delivers high-quality software. Orchard takes a really personal interest in us as people. That is rare in any industry.”

“Our executive is great and definitely gets right in the middle of things. When we go to a user group or a conference, our executive comes right up and talks to us. That executive knows where we are from and what we have. That person is not just a suit in an office who doesn’t want to talk to us; the executive interacts with us a lot, asks questions, and tries to make sure that everyone is happy.”

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