Track POCT with Information Dashboard

The Trellis dashboard keeps you informed about instrument and interface statuses, user certifications, QC statistics, and patient result statuses at a glance. Users may configure the dashboard to refresh at a preferred time interval. Additionally, interfaces can be restarted and handheld devices can be updated via the network, making access for these tasks simple.

Eliminate traditional lists of POCT devices and allow Trellis to document your POCT devices. Assign sequence ID numbers to all your POCT devices for easy device tracking. For a current list of available Trellis POCT instrument interfaces, visit the Interfaces & System Integration page, or request interfacing to a new device.

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Manage POCT Across Diverse Testing Networks

Personnel Management & Certification Tracking

Order Entry & Rules Functionality

Quality Control & Linearity for POCT

Cost Savings & Improved Patient Care

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Download brochure

The POCT management dashboard displays: patient result, instrument, interface, certification, and QC statuses for a quick snapshot of your current POCT activities.