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The Story of Mr. B &
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Mr. B and the Blue Truck

Read the story of a teacher, her students, and their uplifting encounters with Orchard's
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Mr. B & the Blue Truck

Featured Products

Orchard Harvest LIS - Laboratory Information System

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Orchard® Harvest™ LIS is Windows-based and utilizes process automation; ICD-9/ICD-10 screening; robust instrument, billing, EMR, and reference lab interfaces; and rules-based technology to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase reimbursements. Some of the features are:

  • Automatic ICD-9/ICD-10 reimbursement screening
  • Rules-based decision support technology
  • User-configurable patient report formats
  • Westgard rules and extensive tools for managing QC
  • Comprehensive tools for data mining and business analytics
  • EMR integration and reference lab interfaces
  • Harvest Webstation module for web-enabled order entry and result delivery
  • Electronic worksheets for paperless microbiology

Orchard Pathology - Diagnostic Information System

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Orchard® Pathology is an all-inclusive CP/AP system. Our comprehensive pathology information system is designed to meet the current and future trends in pathology and handle the complexities of clinical, molecular, cytology, and pathology testing and reporting.

  • Stand-alone AP system or an all-inclusive CP/AP system
  • Worksheet window simplifies case management
  • Structured data fields for data mining and EMR connectivity
  • Real-time processing through equipment integration
  • Result evaluation rules for reflex testing
  • Easy image management
  • Consolidated results on a single patient report
  • Full menu of management reports
  • Web-based access and EMR connectivity tools

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Orchard® Sequoia™ is a three-tier enterprise-class LIS designed to be scalable to accommodate large volumes of laboratory testing across multiple laboratories and departments performing clinical, microbiology, molecular, and pathology testing. Sequoia’s unique segmental architecture enables superior performance in high volume laboratory environments.

  • Enterprise-class LIS utilizing Microsoft® SQL® Server Enterprise Edition Architecture
  • Single Application with a Segmental Design, including Clinical, Anatomic Pathology, & Molecular
  • Analytics Support Business Intelligence & Population Health Management
  • Rules Enhance Productivity & Reduce Errors
  • Sample Tracking & Supply Management
  • Sophisticated Image Management Automation
  • Extensive Configurable Advanced Security Options
  • SQL Server AlwaysOn technology for High-availability & Disaster Recovery
  • Big Data Archival Storage for Mining Unstructured Data

Orchard Trellis - Orders and Results Management Software

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Orchard® Trellis™ is an orders and results management software program that serves as a simple "review, click, and go" cost-effective bridge for electronically passing orders and results between low-volume, point-of-care (POC) analyzers/instruments and the EMR.

  • Automatically sends point-of-care test results to your EMR
  • Simple software for viewing POC orders and results before releasing them to your EMR
  • Eliminates the potential for error from manual entry of POC test results in your EMR
  • Provides tools for managing your POC testing QC
  • Enables the printing of bar code labels at your POC testing locations
  • Cost effective and easy to use, install, maintain, and upgrade
  • Uses the Internet and web services for efficient connectivity
  • Integrated POCT improves billing accuracy

Orchard Copia - Laboratory Outreach and Integration System

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Orchard® Copia®, used by laboratories and lab networks doing outreach, links multiple labs and enables web-based access and EMR integration for order entry and result delivery. The many benefits include:

  • A web-based outreach and integration engine for linking labs and delivery networks
  • A lab system integration hub bringing locations and diagnostic data together
  • Electronic connectivity to your clients’ EMR
  • Improve Access and Keep your Current LIS
  • Training and tools to implement your own EMR interfaces
  • Structured Data for Easy Data Mining, Administrative Reports & Analytics
  • Flexible Rule-based Decision-support Technology
  • Test-routing, -reflexing, & -coding engine
  • Customize Appearance & Report Templates
  • Manage Courier Routes & Inventories with the Client Services module
  • Provide Patient Access to Results via the Patient Portal
  • Expand Access with Copia Mobile

Congratulations to the $500 Best Buy Gift Card Winner!

We want to congratulate Gale C. Stermer of Guthrie Healthcare for winning the $500 Best Buy Gift Card from our booth at HIMSS ’14. Thank you for stopping by the booth and entering into the competition. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you next year!

The Biggest Tree in the Orchard Introduced at HIMMS 2014!

At HIMSS 2014 in booth #2283, Orchard introduced our newest lab system product—Orchard® Sequoia™—designed for the enterprise-wide laboratory. With the addition of this new information system, Orchard Software provides the most complete suite of lab system solutions of any healthcare IT vendor—supporting your organization in the successful capture and delivery of the valuable currency of diagnostic information.

Learn more about Orchard Sequoia.

Orchard Symposium 2014 – June 17 & 18 in Indianapolis, Indiana –
Save the Date!

Orchard is pleased to announce the date and location for our 2014 Symposium. We want to let you know now, so that you have plenty of time to plan your trip to attend.

Our 2014 Symposium will be a two-day format on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 17 and 18, 2014, in Indianapolis, IN, at the Sheraton Indianapolis Hotel at Keystone Crossing. There is no cost to attend the symposium, and a continental breakfast and lunch will be provided each day; however, travel, lodging, and other meals are not included.

This two-day format will include an educational series of keynote sessions about the various changes in healthcare and sessions dedicated to each to our software products. For the most up-to-date information on agenda and sessions, please check out the Symposiums page on our website at

Serving the New Paradigm of Integrated Care: Convert Your Lab's Data into High-Value Clinical Intelligence

Watch the video!

From Executive War College 2013, watch Curt Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, and Dr. Michael D. Glant, Medical Director, from Orchard Software share their views and observations on the impact to the lab due to the change in healthcare from a volume-based to a value-based service model. Curt and Dr. Glant present ideas on how to think more strategically about the value that the laboratory and its diagnostic data brings into this new model. This presentation points out specific ways that the laboratory can deliver value to its facility and its customers in a value-based reimbursement world.

Orchard Software’s New White Paper: Structured Data: Essential for Healthcare Analytics & Interoperability

Imperative to value-based healthcare are analytics that measure and demonstrate outcomes and “value.” The foundation for analytics is structured data—data that can be mined and shared with other systems. Orchard has published a white paper entitled Structured Data: Essential for Healthcare Analytics & Interoperability. If you would like to understand the emphasis and importance of interoperability and structured data to facilitate precise communication throughout our healthcare system, this white paper explains types of interoperability, the importance of standards (such as LOINC and SNOMED CT), why structured data is necessary for analytics, and how it ties into synoptic reporting for pathology. Download the white paper.

The Value of the Lab in the New Healthcare Model

In an effort to empower laboratorians and give specific suggestions for ways to prosper within a value-based healthcare setting, Orchard has published a white paper entitled, The Value of the Lab in the New Healthcare Model. If you are concerned about how your laboratory will fit in the changing healthcare environment, this white paper can help you rethink your lab’s role within your organization, encourage you to become more engaged in your facility’s overall success, and help you successfully maneuver through the volume-to-value shift in the healthcare reimbursement model. Download the white paper.

Round Table Discussions: The Future of the Lab in Healthcare

The External Environment of Healthcare

In a collaborative effort to discuss the future of the laboratory in healthcare, Bob McGonnagle, Publisher of CAP Today, gathered with Curt Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, and Dr. Mick Glant, Chief Medical Officer, both from Orchard Software. This series of round table discussions was recorded and edited into a series of short videos on various topics surrounding the laboratory and informatics.

  1. The External Environment of Healthcare
  2. Reimbursement Changes and the Reorganization of Medical Groups
  3. How to Make Your Lab Successful
  4. Synoptic Reporting and Discrete Data
  5. Synoptic Reporting and Pathologist Challenges
  6. Integration of all Lab Data is Essential
  7. Best of Breed and The Future Super Computer
  8. Embedded Tools and Education

Watch Curt Johnson’s Webinar on The Role of Diagnostic Information in the Future of Healthcare

Watch the video!

The healthcare arena is undergoing immense change. Integrated diagnostics, personalized medicine, companion diagnostics, Meaningful Use, ICD-10, LOINC, Affordable Care Act, Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), and Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) are converging as the market factors driving change. The laboratory is in the midst of this change, as accurate diagnosis and diagnostic information will be vital in the future of healthcare. Diagnostics will be critical in ensuring the right test at the right time, even aiding in determining proper treatment protocols.

Watch Curt’s webinar to better understand the role of your laboratory in helping your organization meet the future demands of lowering healthcare costs and improving outcomes.

Diagnostic Information: The New Currency for the Future of Healthcare

Watch the video!

Integrated Diagnostics, Personalized Medicine, Meaningful Use, ICD-10, LOINC, & ACOs

The healthcare arena is undergoing immense change. Integrated diagnostics, personalized medicine, companion diagnostics, Meaningful Use, ICD-10, LOINC, Affordable Care Act, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) are converging and are the various factors driving change. The laboratory is in the midst of this change and will serve an essential role in the future of healthcare.

To learn more about these changes and the important role laboratories will play, we invite you to take a moment and view a video of a recent industry presentation given by Curt Johnson, Chief Operating Officer for Orchard, entitled The Impact on Laboratories by HITECH, ICD-10, LOINC, ACOs, and Integrated Diagnostics: Position Your Lab for Success in the New Healthcare World.

Upcoming Events

Trade Shows

If you would like to speak with us in person or see a demonstration of our software, we welcome you to visit us at one of the trade shows where we will be exhibiting. We are exhibiting at a number of locations throughout the country this year, so visit us at an event that is convenient for you! For your convenience, contact us ahead of the event to let us know you will be coming and set up a specific time to meet.

New at Orchard

Mayor Brainard

April 26, 2013, is Orchard Software Day in Carmel, Indiana

At Orchard’s monthly company meeting, Orchard’s management and employees were greeted with a surprise visit from Carmel's Mayor, Jim Brainard. To acknowledge Orchard’s 20th anniversary in 2013 and its contribution to the Carmel community, Mayor Brainard stopped in to proclaim April 26, 2013, "Orchard Software Day" in the city of Carmel. Mayor Brainard noted, "Orchard plays an integral role in the Carmel business community by being a valuable employer and business partner with local hotels, restaurants, vendors, and retailers." Rob Bush, Founder, Owner, and CEO, and Ben Bush, Founder and Owner, were on hand for the surprise event.

Top Work Place

Join our winning team!

Orchard Software, once again ranked an Indianapolis Star Top Workplace, is currently hiring for several positions. Please visit our Career Opportunities page to learn more.

Diagnostic Information—Crucial data for the future of healthcare, reducing costs, and improving patient care is identified

The last several years have brought a cascade of changes in the world of healthcare, such as HITECH and ACOs. With all of these changes, the future of the laboratory and the role of diagnostic informatics will serve an essential role. This Advance for Administrator's of the Laboratory article shares insights into how diagnostic information is crucial to the future of healthcare. Learn more about how diagnostic information will be crucial to the future of healthcare.

v9.0 Supports ICD-10
Orchard® Harvest™ LIS and Orchard® Pathology v9.0 upgrades are here!

Orchard Software is pleased to announce the release of Orchard® Harvest™ LIS and Orchard® Pathology version 9.0! This is a very important upgrade for everyone, as ICD-10 codes will only be supported going forward in version 9.0 and higher! Click the link to learn more about the upgrades.

Orchard® Copia® v5.0 is now available!

Our newest release–Orchard® Copia® version 5.0–is now available. This version incorporates a wide array of new features to enhance the versatility of Orchard’s Internet browser-based outreach and EMR integration tool. For many laboratories, client EMR integration and web-based access for remote order entry and result delivery are necessary for success and revenue growth in today’s competitive environment. Learn more about Orchard® Copia® v5.0!

Confused about LOINC®? Here is some information that may be helpful.

Are you hearing about LOINC and wondering what it is? You’re not alone. Orchard Software posted a helpful four-part series on LOINC (Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes) on our blog, colLABoration. The series was designed to answer many of the questions that Orchard has been asked recently about what LOINC is, what it can do for your laboratory, how it affects Meaningful Use stages two and three, and how to implement it.

The series on LOINC is separated into four sections: History,The Rule – Why We Need LOINC, Understanding and Using the LOINC Database, and Populating your LIS with LOINC. We have combined the posts onto a single webpage for your convenience. Review the four-part LOINC series in its entirety.

Orchard software NewsletterNews@orchard is available via email!

Orchard offers our quarterly newsletter via email. If you or someone you know would like to receive a copy of our newsletter electronically, please sign up to receive your quarterly issue via email. We hope you enjoy the electronic format, and thank you for taking time to visit us at the Orchard.

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