Harvest the Power™ of 30 Years of Innovation

Orchard Software Corporation is a leader in the laboratory information system industry and offers a variety of laboratory system solutions and services that improve patient care. Orchard serves more than 2,400 laboratories across the country, helping them improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance integration. Orchard’s cloud-based solutions are installed in physician groups and clinics, hospitals, independent reference labs, student health centers, veterinary labs, public health organizations, universities, and retail facilities.

30 Years of Innovation at Orchard Software


Our Vision, Mission, & Values

Our team of expert employees are dedicated to making Orchard the LIS market leader in the physician office lab, public health lab,
and reference lab markets, as well as a point-of-care market leader in the ambulatory and hospital markets.

Vision & Mission


Orchard is the pioneer in delivering state of the art diagnostic information systems with coverage across the full spectrum of healthcare organizations.


Orchard effectively and efficiently disseminates laboratory information into the hands of providers to improve patient care.

Vision, Mission, Goals, Values


Core Values: iLEAD

Innovation: Create, develop, and implement new products and services with the goal of improving effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Leadership: Influence action and change to solidify our leading position in the Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) market.

Excellence: Leverage our extensive experience with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and provide the highest quality products and services to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Accountability: Take ownership and personal responsibility of our work and commitments to clients and each other with the highest character and integrity.

Dedication: Maintain an unyielding commitment to our employees, clients, and patient safety while promoting a supportive, inclusive, and caring culture.

We invest in our employees
and in our community.

Orchard as a NAMI StigmaFree Company

NAMI StigmaFree CompanyOrchard partners with NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to cultivate a company culture of caring and enhanced engagement around mental health. By being a NAMI StigmaFree Company and making mental health a priority, we strive to promote a healthier work environment and provide support for those who suffer from mental illness or support someone who does.

Proud Sponsor of Special Olympics – Indiana

Orchard team at Special Olympics Plane pull eventOrchard proudly supports Special Olympics – Indiana as a gold-level sponsor. This has allowed employees to participate in events from golf and bowling tournaments to making and donating scarves to rappelling down an office building in downtown Indianapolis. However, the event our employees most look forward to is the annual Plane Pull Challenge, where we play tug-o-war with a 757 at the Indianapolis airport.

Our Expertise

Highly Configurable & Flexible Software

Currently serving more than 2,100 labs across the country, the scalability and flexibility of Orchard Software’s systems facilitates a high level of configurability that enables us to support a diverse client base.

Steadfast Focus on Customers

"When customers adopt Orchard solutions in a productive environment, that’s the rubber meeting the road for our entire organization. It’s the culmination of solution design and development, marketing, sales, deployment, training, and transition to customer support. Everyone in the company contributes to every go-live in a meaningful way." -Jeff Parypinski, Senior VP of Operations

Systems Integration Expertise

With thousands of unique host interfaces with hundreds of vendors, our team of expert interface specialists makes us the clear choice for state-of-the-art integrated, interoperable laboratory information systems.

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Why Customers Trust Us


One of the biggest benefits of working with Orchard Software is that while we are trying to improve our workflow, they are trying to help us improve our workflow. People like that who want to make their product user-friendly for you, and it seems like only you—that is amazing.

Patti Hines, Quality Assurance & Laboratory Administrator, University Hospitals

Our lab started with Orchard’s LIS in 2002. Orchard’s contribution allows us to have everything at our fingertips. This has been invaluable to us and allowed us to keep growing. Partnering with Orchard Software has been the right decision all along.

Yvonne Herman, Laboratory Manager, Graves-Gilbert Clinic
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Orchard’s products help labs improve operational efficiencies, testing capabilities, regulatory reporting, and quality of care.

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