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General Overview

Laboratories can use their data to track internal key performance indicators and test utilization as part of a larger laboratory stewardship program that guides business decisions and increases the lab’s contribution to patient care improvements. The lab data analytics tool gives labs the advantage of a data-driven perspective that can help address the industry staffing shortage and improve overall laboratory productivity and efficiency.


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Use Lab Data to Boost Laboratory Productivity & Efficiency

  • Provides “at-a-glance” operational insights into lab operations to track performance and find areas to improve
  • Tracks daily workload, testing volumes, provider orders, and more
  • Displays throughput and status of orders through each testing phase
  • Supports continuous quality improvement efforts
  • Performs trending analysis to achieve efficiency improvements
  • Tracks staffing and personnel workloads to assist with staff requirements and help address staffing shortages
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Analytic Insights that Improve Patient Safety & Overall Patient Care

  • Identifies quality assurance trends for test corrections or amendments and uncovers opportunities to reduce errors
  • Demonstrates test-specific tendencies in patient populations and aids in establishment or verification of reference ranges
  • Identifies areas to invest in population health initiatives
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Benchmarking Tools Support Continuous Quality Improvement

  • Understand how your lab performs compared to other labs
  • Use benchmark data compared with reimbursements to make purchasing, staffing, and test menu decisions
  • Benchmark different labs within your organization for productivity analysis
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Improve Your Lab’s ROI & Profitability

  • Allows data to be securely shared to support broader organizational insights that guide financial and business decisions
  • Enables up to 70% reduction in costs as compared to building a team internally for a significant ROI
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Want to Know More?

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