What is Molecular Testing?

Molecular lab testing is a broad term that refers to the detection and/or quantification of specific DNA or RNA sequences in a specimen. Molecular lab tests offer a high level of reliability and accuracy and are used to detect microorganisms, look for genetic mutations associated with certain infectious diseases and cancers, perform paternity tests, and much more. Highly complex molecular testing is performed in molecular or microbiology specialty, CLIA-accredited laboratories by trained laboratory professionals.

Molecular assays and methods involve large amounts of data that require storage and advanced reporting and interpretation that is best achieved by a laboratory information system or LIMS focused specifically on molecular testing workflow.

Molecular Testing LIMS Services

Advances and updates in molecular lab testing methodologies have broadened the clinical applicability and accessibility of molecular testing and are making molecular lab testing more widely available across our healthcare system. However, in spite of greater use of molecular testing, molecular laboratories often use hands-on spreadsheets for tracking and interpretative guidance. Molecular diagnostics requires specialized molecular lab testing software to aid in the automation, tracking, and interpretation of the large, complex data sets.

Molecular software enables the robust analytics that lead to evidence-based recommendations that improve overall healthcare medical testing and provides the appropriate clinical decision support to guide providers in the best use of genetic tests. To achieve the full benefit offered by molecular laboratory testing and genetic testing, molecular testing labs require software that can automate sample and sample pool tracking and create reports that are easily interpreted.

microplate filled with color samples

Managing Molecular Data

Next-generation sequencing assays are becoming the standard of care in oncology, and as the scale of a molecular testing laboratory grows, management of these assays requires organizing large amounts of information, including patient and specimen collection data, laboratory processes, genomic data, plus variant interpretation and reporting. Molecular laboratories need LIMS software that performs batch-level management of specimens as they move through the laboratory for extraction, preparation, and sequencing, and a full audit trail for specimen tracking.

Molecular POC Tests for COVID-19

Response to the Coronavirus pandemic caused a significant rise in molecular PCR testing, but test reporting was challenged by long delays associated with centralized laboratory PCR testing. The rapid, accurate test results that molecular POCT methodologies offer can be extremely beneficial in a public health crisis such as a pandemic. A rapid, accurate, low-cost diagnostic POC device is imperative for timely diagnosis and mitigation of COVID-19 and future pandemics. Coronavirus home tests are now available for purchase that allow patients to collect and test their own sample with results available in minutes.

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Orchard’s molecular solution includes dynamic workflow support that orchestrates the entire molecular lab testing process from pre-analytical through post-analytical. Our systems capture data in a searchable, integrated format and offer a flexible implementation, allowing Orchard to meet the connectivity, workflow, and reporting needs of molecular laboratories. Orchard Molecular helps automate processes and reduces the workload burden on laboratory staff. Orchard’s molecular lab LIMS allows for rapid adoption of diverse molecular diagnostics, including support for genetic testing, carrier and prenatal screening, cytogenetics, infectious disease testing, molecular genetics, newborn screening, and prenatal testing.

Overview of Orchard Molecular LIMS

  • Automates molecular lab testing workflow (e.g., manages liquid handler, robotics, etc.) to make laboratory professionals’ jobs easier and reduce job-related stress
  • Reduces manual steps and paperwork to boost patient safety
  • Streamlines workflow communication
  • Includes system integration to automate rapid delivery of molecular results
  • Provides accurate interpretations and meaningful reports by translating complex raw testing data into coherent reports that are easy for providers to interpret

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