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Our systems capture data in a searchable, integrated format and are highly flexible in their implementation, allowing Orchard to meet the connectivity and workflow needs of public health laboratories.

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ELR Integration Supports Reporting Requirements

  • Electronic laboratory reporting (ELR) interfacing links laboratories to public health entities and automates the transmission of laboratory data for reportable conditions.
  • HL7 interfacing allows laboratories to electronically report results to the state’s surveillance system to monitor critical data in a timely manner.
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Laboratory Response Network Integration Addresses Core PHL Purpose

  • Electronic interfacing to the CDC’s Public Health Information Network Messaging System (PHIN MS) is available with a variety of deployment options.
  • PHIN MS interfacing enables Laboratory Response Network (LRN) labs to report their results electronically to quickly recognize, rule out, or refer potential biothreat agents.
Laboratory Response Network Diagram
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Support for Diverse Testing Menus Enables Clinical & Environmental Testing

  • Provides the level of flexibility required by the diverse testing menu found in the PHL environment, enabling efficient test management for suspected cases of infectious and environmental diseases.
  • High level of system adaptability accommodates parameters needed for esoteric sample types, ranging from water or food to tick testing for rabies.
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Decision-support Rules & Lab Analytics Boost Compliance

  • Advanced decision-support rules enable the systematic development of decision trees and algorithms for reflex testing, results routing, charge capture, and test interpretation.
  • Data mining and analytics enable monitoring and documentation of compliance activities and reporting of inconsistent findings for corrective actions.
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