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General Overview

Orchard Harvest provides superior workflow management, data mining, and integration plus tools that support specialized lab environments, making it the most comprehensive LIS in the industry.


Superior Workflow Management Organizes Testing Process

Utilizing process automation, robust interfaces, and rules-based decision-support technology, Orchard’s systems address regulatory issues, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and assist with reimbursements. Orchard’s audit trail, statuses, and sample tracking features provide laboratories tools to organize and track laboratory samples and specimens throughout all phases of the testing process. 

  • Tools to organize laboratory workflow
  • Efficient sample tracking
  • Sophisticated quality control (QC)
  • Rules-based decision-support
  • Tools to maximize reimbursements
  • Multiple report and delivery options

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"Sure, we can connect that."

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Advanced Quality Metrics Generate Valuable Insights

Monitoring and reporting tools generate valuable business analytics

  • Data mining on demand
  • Menu of standardized report formats
  • Ability to create configurable, detailed ad hoc data queries

Advanced data mining tools support laboratory stewardship efforts

  • Lab formularies and test menu management
  • Staffing efficiency
  • Test interpretation support
  • Cost tracking and management
  • Population health management support
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Expert Integration & Connectivity Speed Test Result Delivery

  • Our team of expert interface specialists makes Orchard the clear choice for state-of-the-art integrated, interoperable laboratory information systems.
  • Orchard has implemented thousands of unique host interfaces with hundreds of vendors, including analyzer, host system, EHR, HIS, billing, HIE, and reference laboratory interfaces.
  • Orchard Harvest can be deployed as a SaaS model, helping streamline installations, maintenance, and upgrades, keeping your system running as efficiently as possible. Click here to read more about Orchard Cloud Services.
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But what's the ROI?

Learn about your potential return on investment (ROI) with an Orchard LIS.

Innovative Modules to Expand the Lab’s Reach


Orchard’s systems’ electronic microbiology worksheets are intuitive and easy to use, save time, and simplify data management. Orchard’s systems use HL7 interfacing requirements, and standards-based information architecture to electronically report test results to health departments, state surveillance systems, and the CDC.

Anatomic Pathology

Orchard® Pathology is a comprehensive diagnostic information system that provides rules-based decision support, tools to improve patient safety, and result integration for all laboratory departments. Orchard Pathology is fully integrated, offering support for clinical and pathology laboratory testing in one application.


Orchard Harvest Webstation allows web access to users within a single business entity, with a focus on low cost for implementation and general simplicity. It is designed to help laboratories serve providers who need access to place orders and retrieve patient results via the Internet.

POCT Management Module

To take point-of-care testing (POCT) management to an advanced level, Orchard® Point-of-Care™ is available for greater control of your POCT activities from your central lab, including tracking of personnel certifications and remote management of devices.

Remote Workstation

Remote Workstation allows laboratorians to conveniently access, set up, and monitor testing performed at remote locations and sites. Using web connectivity, Remote Workstation can improve your lab’s efficiency and allow integration of remote testing results into your LIS and EHR. Remote Workstation can be used to easily manage POCT orders and results, allowing your lab to support POCT where it can offer the greatest benefit to providers and patients.

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What Your Colleagues Are Saying...


Our lab started with Orchard’s LIS in 2002. Orchard’s contribution allows us to have everything at our fingertips. This has been invaluable to us and allowed us to keep growing. Partnering with Orchard Software has been the right decision all along.

Yvonne Herman, Laboratory Manager, Graves-Gilbert Clinic

Harvest LIS is a powerful workhorse for laboratories of all sizes and integration levels. The system is flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any institution. Rules are easy to create and implement locally to get optimal results for a particular site or network. The product’s modules and service tiers allow for a wide variety of individualization to meet specific needs and cost considerations.

Laboratory Manager, , KLAS Research Interview

"We have a long-standing, trusted relationship with Orchard Software. I consider selecting Orchard Harvest one of the best decisions I have ever made for our practice. In my experience, when working with Orchard, we know we are in good hands. Less IT headaches are a welcome advantage of moving our LIS to Orchard's cloud services."

Kristy McCabe, Laboratory Manager, Northwest Alabama Cancer Center
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Want to know more?

Contact us to learn how Orchard Harvest can improve your lab productivity and your contribution to patient care!