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Maximum flexibility supports complex workflows, increases efficiency, improves ROI, and supports growth.

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Drives efficiency gains, regulatory compliance, and reduced costs through integration and centralized oversight.

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A cost-effective, secure hosted environment simplifies management and maintenance, while improving reliability.

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Hospital or Integrated Delivery Network

Orchard’s LIS solutions use aggregated patient data and advanced analytics to support population health management across hospitals and Integrated Delivery Networks, integrating multiple systems and operational locations.

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Physician Office Laboratory

With a strong reputation for exemplary customer support and high usability ratings, Orchard is the industry leader in development and support of LISs within physician office laboratories.

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Public Health Laboratory

Offering lab system integration, decision-support rules, and configurable analytics, Orchard’s systems help public health laboratories manage issues relative to environmental health, emerging infectious diseases, emergency preparedness, food safety, and more.

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An anatomic pathology, or AP laboratory focuses on the study and examination of human tissue, as a biopsy or part of a surgical procedure. Most AP laboratories also include cytopathology, or the study of small tissues or fine needle aspiration, as well as histopathology—the study of diseases of the tissues. Anatomic pathologists investigate the effects of disease on the human body via microscopic examination of tissues, cells, and other specimens.

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Reference Laboratory

For reference laboratories that strive to deliver excellent outreach services and customer support, Orchard’s solutions are equipped to expertly support multiple lab settings and serve as a highly configurable lab integration solution.

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University or Student Health Center

Orchard has extensive experience working with universities and student health laboratories, offering software tools to organize testing through all phases of laboratory analysis, including COVID-19 testing support.

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Molecular Laboratory

Orchard’s highly flexible solutions can expertly address the LIS needs of laboratories performing molecular and genetic testing through support of dynamic workflows and orchestration of molecular processes from start to finish.

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Veterinary Laboratory

The flexibility of Orchard’s software products creates a valuable tool for independent veterinary laboratories and university veterinary schools, enabling a high level of productivity and efficiency of workflow.

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Pain Management or Toxicology Laboratory

Offering complete lab system integration, decision-support rule capability, and configurable analytics, Orchard’s systems support the toxicology lab’s need for efficiency and streamlined workflow processes.

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"Implementation of Orchard Point-of-Care allows point-of-care (POC) test results to flow from the POC software to both the LIS and the HIS through the interface, resulting in faster access to POC test results and the ability to monitor QC and competencies within one system."

Judy Thompson, MT(ASCP), Point-of-Care Supervisor, Washington Health System

"Over the years, I have had an abundance of interaction with many Orchard personnel and everyone has been extremely helpful and professional. I am also impressed with how proactive Orchard is—staying ahead of industry changes and communicating with users via thought leadership forums (e.g., white papers, symposiums, webinars, etc.). My team and I have gotten a lot of useful continuing education from Orchard's resources."

Nicole Rosen, MT (ASCP), Supervisor - Clinical Pathology Laboratory, Purdue University

"We have a long-standing, trusted relationship with Orchard Software. I consider selecting Orchard Harvest one of the best decisions I have ever made for our practice. In my experience, when working with Orchard, we know we are in good hands. Less IT headaches are a welcome advantage of moving our LIS to Orchard's cloud services."

Kristy McCabe, Laboratory Manager, Northwest Alabama Cancer Center
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