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Orchard’s solutions are optimized for complex outreach business scenarios, such as those found in independent reference laboratories serving multiple business entities.

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Get Connected—Boost Interoperability

Orchard has nearly three decades of support for the clinical laboratory. Our extensive experience in the laboratory informatics field makes us the ideal solution for your interoperability needs.

  • Simplify order management
  • Consolidate result delivery
  • Provide a level of customer service that sets you apart from your competition

With Orchard’s solutions, system integration provides an automatic and seamless flow of data, allowing reference laboratories to improve customer service by reducing errors, saving time, and speeding up result delivery.

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Advanced Tools to Increase Outreach Engagement

In today’s value-based care environment, the number one priority of any reference laboratory is the satisfaction of your clients, which leads to increased patient care. Orchard’s solutions provide flexible outreach tools that enable users to remotely manage multiple diverse workflows from one system.

  • Uniquely configure order entry features, requisition and report formats, manifests, collection lists, and more with customizable layout templates.
  • Close information gaps and reduce turnaround time with configurable order entry questions and unique workflows that collect patient information.
  • Advanced medical necessity checking supports the automatic generation of Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABNs).
  • Smart order routing and sample flow management takes the guesswork out of client- or insurance-specific requirements.
  • Automatic patient and data management report delivery options support individualized client needs.
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Optional Modules to Expand the Lab's Reach

At Orchard, we understand that all laboratories are different. Your business is unique. That’s why Orchard provides extensive add-on modules that allow you to tailor your system to meet the needs of your unique business.

Client Services module

Client Services Module

Provide superior customer service to reference lab clients. Track courier routes, supplies, customer service tickets, and more.

Orchard Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Give your clients’ providers the option to allow patients to review their own test results as soon as they are approved.

Mobile Module

Mobile Module

Providers can take advantage of their smartphone or tablet to retrieve and review patient results at any time.

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Write & Deploy Your Own System Interfaces

You can build and manage your own HL7 interfaces with Orchard’s continuing education courses.

  • Integration classes teach HL7 basics, as well as the necessary concepts and skills to configure and manage your interfaces.
  • Courses are a mix of instructor-led content and hands-on laboratory sessions.
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