What is LIS Software?

A laboratory information system (LIS) is a healthcare software solution that processes, stores, and manages patient data related to laboratory processes and testing. Providers and laboratory professionals use laboratory information systems to coordinate the workflow and quality control of inpatient and outpatient medical testing, including hematology, chemistry, immunology, microbiology, toxicology, public health, and other laboratory areas. Laboratory information systems track, store, and update clinical details about a patient during a provider visit and stores the information in its database for future reference.

How Does LIS Software Work?

An LIS is a software system that records, manages, updates, and stores patient testing data for clinical and anatomic pathology laboratories, including receiving test orders, sending orders to laboratory analyzers, tracking orders, results, and quality control, and transmitting results to an EHR, practice management system, or other information systems. The LIS can include decision-support rules that guide workflow, outreach tools, data mining capabilities, audit capabilities, and point-of-care testing support. The LIS allows the lab to actively contribute to provider determination of patient health status and development of treatments.

Diagram of the purpose of an LIS

What is the Difference Between LIS & LIMS?

Laboratory information system (LIS) and laboratory information management system (LIMS) are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, and while the two overlap, they were designed to support different laboratory types and functionality. LIS is traditionally used to refer to systems that support healthcare clinical settings and patient-specific specimens. LIMS were historically designed to support sample-centric laboratory requirements, such as those of clinical research, or other non-clinical laboratory settings. Today, the functionality of the two systems overlaps greatly and there are many features in both the LIS and LIMS that accompany the traditional functionality of the other.

Why Do Laboratories Need Dedicated Laboratory Systems?

In today’s healthcare arena, laboratories require a dedicated LIS and committed vendor support to manage the complexities and regulatory nature of lab testing. A dedicated, flexible LIS can help improve laboratory workflow efficiency and error-proofing by aiding in decision-making, ensure consistent execution of procedures that increases laboratory productivity, and automate proper billing, ensuring top reimbursement.

Information systems designed for laboratories play a key supportive role in meeting quality control standards, decreasing transcription errors, improving workflows, incorporating automation, and contributing to patient care either from a clinical stance or for research purposes. In recent years, technological advances in laboratory instrumentation have resulted in a greater demand for (and reliance on) laboratory data to support clinical, microbiology, and public health needs.

Why Choose Orchard?

Orchard Software is a leading LIS vendor, offering a variety of flexible laboratory software system solutions, including a SaaS model. With decades of LIS experience, the scalability and flexibility of Orchard’s systems facilitate an advanced level of configurability that enables Orchard to support a diverse client base.

Orchard serves more than 2,000 laboratories across the country, helping them improve efficiency and automation, reduce errors, and enhance integration. Orchard’s products are installed in provider groups and clinics, hospitals, independent reference labs, anatomic pathology laboratories, student health centers, veterinary labs, toxicology clinics, public health organizations, universities, retail facilities, and more. Our team of expert interface specialists makes Orchard the clear choice for state-of-the-art integrated, interoperable laboratory information systems. Orchard has implemented thousands of unique host interfaces with hundreds of vendors, including analyzer, automation line, practice management system, EHR, HIS, billing, HIE, and reference laboratories.

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