Discover a True Enterprise Laboratory Information System

Orchard’s enterprise solution is delivered on a single platform architecture with a modular design, allowing labs to choose the functionality specific to their facility while preserving the option to easily grow in the future.

Streamline Your Lab’s Processes and Workflow With Intuitive Tools

  • Orchard’s Enterprise Workflow Process Engine allows users to configure workflows for each lab area using visual process maps that increase lab efficiency.
  • Orchard’s Enterprise Rules Engine aids in decision making throughout the total testing process to ensure standardized procedures and improve workflow efficiency.
  • Orchard’s native data mining tools enable access to all system data for easy configuration of custom reports.
  • Orchard Insights tracks internal key performance indicators and test utilization to guide business decisions and increase the lab’s contribution to patient care.

Cover image of pediatric associates white paperLearn how Pediatric Associates has streamlined their laboratory’s processes with Orchard!

Fully Integrate Your LIS To Promote Interoperability

  • Orchard offers connectivity to virtually any third-party healthcare information system to promote organizational interoperability.
  • Orchard’s approach to interoperability provides provers and patients with a seamless clinical experience and timely access to diagnostic information.
  • Orchard Enterprise Solution also simplifies public health reporting with automated flagging and electronic delivery of results.
  • Orchard offers the option for specialized training so that you can build your own HL7 interfaces.

cover image of Washington Hospital customer testimonialLearn how Washington Health Systems Centralized the Management of their Point-of-Care Testing Program

WHS uses Orchard Point-of-Care to solve many of the problems associated with POCT management by enabling remote management to track devices, operator certifications, and QC. “With each new upgrade, progress is being made on the certification screens to make it easier for a POC Coordinator to track operator assessments,” says Judy Thompson, MT(ASCP).

Gain Valuable Analytic Insights That Boost Lab Productivity

  • Orchard Insights provides “at-a-glance” operational insights into lab operations to track performance and identify areas to improve.
  • Users can track staffing over time and personnel workloads to help address the industry’s staffing shortage.
  • The solution provides insights that help improve patient safety and quality of care.
  • Our enterprise solutions provide easily configurable data browsers that allow you to create specific and meaningful administrative reports. Once you’ve established the report’s criteria, you can save it for future use as well as schedule it to run on a pre-determined schedule. This state-of-the-art feature set allows you to “set and forget” your administrative reporting responsibilities, freeing you up for other tasks.

image of insights brochureLearn more about Orchard Insights!

Orchard Insights is a business intelligence and lab data analytics tool that allows laboratories to effectively analyze and leverage the tremendous amount of data they manage.

Achieve System Scalability That Will Allow Your Lab Room To Grow

  • The breadth and scalability of the Orchard Enterprise Solution allows laboratories to grow and adapt to the evolving healthcare informatics environment.
  • Orchard is an expert in integrating systems which allows labs to achieve faster turnaround time and eliminate errors.
  • Orchard’s enterprise solution is built using modern technology platforms and architecture that leverage the latest advancements in security and data integrity to promote business continuity.
  • Our cloud-hosted option offers improved system reliability, greater security, and easier, faster implementation.

Image of luxor scientific case study coverLearn More About How Luxor Scientific Utilizes Orchard’s LIS solutions to Expand Testing Services

Luxor Scientific implemented Orchard Molecular in September 2021, and Orchard® Enterprise Lab™ in May 2022. Luxor Scientific opened in 2016 primarily as a toxicology laboratory with locations in South Carolina and Texas. In 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic started, Luxor Scientific quickly added COVID-19 testing to their menu. From there, they expanded to become a full-service laboratory, adding molecular testing in 2021 and continuing to grow their menu and expand their offerings. Luxor Scientific now provides testing for infectious and gastrointestinal diseases, genetics and cancer, wellness, clinical drug monitoring, women’s health, allergy, anatomic pathology, and more.

Orchard Provides A Unique Best-practice Based Approach To Services & Support

  • Orchard Software offers multiple options for support (install, care team, support, customer success advocates.)
  • We support our customers through the “change” process of implementing a new LIS.
  • Orchard offers superior training; We teach our customers how the product works so they have a greater understanding of their LIS solution’s capabilities.
  • Having this advanced level of support and training improves overall employee satisfaction in your lab.

image of KANA testimonial coverRead More About How KANA’s Unique Lab Leverages Orchard’s Cloud Services & System Admin Services to Grow Their Lab & Improve Patient Care

KANA has an advanced system administration agreement with Orchard that gives them access to a dedicated and proactive contact for support issues. CDR Frost explains that “[The system administration agreement] has been amazing. The people that we’ve been able to work with are very knowledgeable, and willing to listen and work with us—always looking for ways to make our system better.”

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Many of our clients start their journey with the Orchard Harvest Suite, a comprehensive solution for small- and mid-sized laboratories.

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