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General Overview

Orchard’s laboratory information solutions help toxicology labs improve patient care for their clients by providing information system tools that drive workflow efficiencies, patient safety, medication adherence, faster turnaround times, and integrated result reporting. Offering complete lab system integration, workflow engine functionality, plate mapping tools, and medication consistency interpretation, Orchard’s systems support the toxicology lab’s need for efficiency and streamlined workflow processes.


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Integrated Tools Create Order Entry Efficiency

Orchard Enterprise Toxicology offers a configurable, web-based order entry screen that can expedite the order entry process and reduce errors. Other features include:

  • Improve patient safety, efficiency, and reimbursement with pre-analytical order entry tools
  • Associate medications with an alias to help identify generic or street names and map to the appropriate analyte
  • Use decision-support logic to support prior authorization efforts
  • Enable medical necessity and frequency checks
  • Reflex confirmatory testing based on screening results and medications
  • Customize order choices specific to ordering location
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Patient Safety & Time Savings with Plate Mapping Capabilities

Orchard Enterprise Toxicology’s plate mapping tools help improve patient safety by:

  • Identify pipetting errors and carryover contamination to improve accuracy and patient safety
  • Digitally scan and export an acquisition file in one step to save time and improve efficiency of testing
  • Simplify batch result retrieval and review using configurable color-coded iconography
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Medication Consistency Interpretation Improves Patient Care

  • Use Medication and Metabolite relationships to indicate consistency with patient prescribed medications
  • Alert providers of medication inconsistencies on the report
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Flexible Report Options Add Value & Consistency to Result Interpretation

  • Flexible report options and user-friendly tools makes it easy to create toxicology reports
  • Reports can be configured by the lab without help from Orchard
  • Create ordering location-specific patient result report formats to meet client preferences
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Orchard’s Integration Expertise Makes Interfacing Smooth

  • Expertise in analyzer interfacing, including a multitude of successful interfaces, such as pharmacogenetics and confirmatory testing analyzers
  • Provides a seamless flow of data that eliminates manual entry, reduces errors, and supports accurate invoicing

Toxicology LIS/LIMS FAQ

How can Orchard Enterprise Toxicology help improve my toxicology billing process and improve reimbursements?

Orchard Enterprise Toxicology allows you to stay ahead of Local Coverage Determination (LCD) changes with Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)-compliant workflows that ensure you are billing properly. The solution allows you to rapidly adapt your workflow based on LCD changes—whatever billing changes come at you; Orchard Enterprise Toxicology can easily pivot to address them.

Specifically to increase revenue, the solution includes an innate G-code calculator (that is able to count drug classes and generate the correct G-Code), advanced order entry rules and requirements, and billing service integration.

How can laboratories use Orchard Enterprise Toxicology to maintain compliance with regulatory bodies?

Orchard Enterprise Toxicology helps labs balance compliance, workflow efficiency, and revenue. The solution offers features that can help “force” compliance such as reflex testing, medication consistency tracking, and accommodation of LCD changes.

What options does Orchard Enterprise Toxicology provide for reflex testing?

Reflex testing can be set up to be based on self-reporting, patient presentation, medical history, or current prescribed medications, not only based on positive results. This gives labs more direction and control of system setup to meet regulatory requirements. You can create personalized reflex testing that incorporates medication consistency, patient history, type of patient, and frequency as parameters used to create the reflex rules.

How does Orchard Enterprise Toxicology support medical necessity documentation?

Orchard Enterprise Toxicology allows for documentation of signed orders, progress notes, and any other notations that need to be readily available and produced during an audit. The solution can force capture of this documentation at order entry.

How does Orchard Enterprise Toxicology help address toxicology-specific workflow challenges?

Orchard Enterprise Toxicology helps you capture medical necessity documentation as part of your workflow. This documentation can include the patient’s presenting condition, days of consistent absence of drug use, baseline vs monitoring testing—all collected at order entry. You can create testing profiles on a case by case that are able to differentiate between a profile and a panel, and you can set up frequency rules to keep you in compliance.

In addition, the solution supports plate mapping and acquisition file generation, consistency checking, and viewing screen and confirmation in the same window to correlate results before reporting.

How does Orchard Enterprise Toxicology support medication metabolism functionality?

In Orchard Enterprise Toxicology, rules can be built to incorporate consistency based on drug metabolites rather than only on the parent drug. This means you do not need to write a rule for each metabolism scenario. You can assign metabolism at the test build level and never have to write rules for consistency checking.

What reporting tools does Orchard Enterprise Toxicology offer that helps customize reports for clients/providers?

With Orchard Enterprise Toxicology, internal patient reporting is easily configurable by customer, meaning you can customize reports for each provider preference. Reports can be set up so that providers are alerted when there are medication inconsistencies. Lab specific reporting and analytics can be broken down by payer, code, or provider to ensure you get paid and that you are aware of what tests are not getting reimbursed.

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