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Orchard’s LIS solutions support full integration across multiple locations and improve the overall accuracy, efficiency, and productivity of your laboratory, ensuring maximum contribution to patient care.

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Solve Complex Laboratory Workflow Problems, Eliminate Inefficiencies, & Enable Quicker Result Delivery

  • Create specialized workflows that accommodate high-volume testing and enable efficient and accurate delivery of patient results.
  • Monitor the status of the testing process in real time, including use of visual displays to speed up turnaround times.
  • Deliver fast, accurate results that enable timely treatment and ultimately improve the quality of patient care.
  • Leverage Orchard’s flexible, patient-centered approach to rule design and implementation to promote accurate decisions, improve workflow efficiency, and reduce errors.
  • Select our Cloud Services, SaaS deployment option to strengthen system security and reliability and simplify maintenance, allowing you to focus on patient care.
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Ensure Top Lab Reimbursements & Minimize Overall Operating Costs

  • Ensure the best reimbursement outcomes with sophisticated rules and audit tools that automate billing.
  • Easily manage orders across multiple testing locations and improve accuracy by reducing billing and order entry errors.
  • Save time, reduce costs, and advance your team’s knowledge with Orchard training to customize and manage your HL7 interfaces.
  • Track key performance indicators that contribute to consistent and superior service for providers and patients.
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Partner With an Innovative, Customer-focused LIS Vendor to Smoothly Shift With the Rapid Changes in Healthcare

  • Take advantage of our consistently evolving LIS products to position your laboratory services as an integral component of population health initiatives.
  • Experience superior support with our U.S.-based, technical assistance available 24/7/365.
  • Select an advanced support option from our System Administration program to keep your products running at maximum efficiency.
  • Elevate your team’s LIS prowess with our comprehensive training resources.

Maximize Lab Growth & Ability to Scale With Expanded Testing Capabilities & Patient Care Contributions

  • Efficiently support all phases of testing for clinical, molecular, pathology, and point-of-care across multiple locations.
  • Seamlessly integrate with analyzers, information systems, and host systems in all locations to connect data across the continuum of care.
  • Continually manage compliance and regulatory reporting with the flexibility to address new regulations as they are introduced.
  • Provide superior lab networking and outreach capabilities that translate to cost savings.

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