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Explore Our Molecular Features

Our systems capture data in a searchable, integrated format and offer a flexible implementation, allowing Orchard to meet the connectivity, workflow, and reporting needs of molecular laboratories.

Molecular as Part of an Enterprise Suite

  • Part of a comprehensive and integrated enterprise solution that includes clinical, pathology, microbiology, toxicology, outreach, and point-of-care testing functionality
  • Available in a cloud-hosted environment
  • Designed to support laboratory growth and  scalability—scales from small to large organizations
  • Supports molecular testing across the total testing process: pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical
  • Allows rapid adoption of diverse molecular diagnostics, including support for:
    • Biochemical genetics
    • Carrier screening
    • Cytogenetics
    • Infectious disease testing
    • Molecular genetics
    • Newborn screening
    • Prenatal testing

Dynamic Molecular Workflow Support

  • Supports dynamic, configurable workflows, tests, and procedures
  • Allows for “on-the-fly” workflow deviations as testing scenarios dictate
  • Includes robust documentation (e.g., pre-analytic tracking, batch management, pooling, etc.)
  • Includes data mining functionality such as trend analysis and KPIs (e.g., corrected reports, testing volumes, client account tracking, TAT, etc.)
  • Offers full sample transparency and tracking—from accessioning, barcoding, and QC data management, to sample storage, reporting, and audit capabilities
  • Supports sample pooling, batch management, and well plate management
  • Enables robust quality control and quality assurance to detect problems and monitor errors
  • Provides decision support rules, ask-at-order entry questions, plus a configurable hierarchy of sample, patient, and orders to organize and automate workflow management

Automation of Molecular Testing Processes

  • Orchestrates molecular testing processes from order to result delivery
  • Automates molecular workflow (e.g., manages liquid handler, robotics, etc.) to make laboratory professionals’ jobs easier and reduce job-related stress
  • Reduces manual steps and paperwork
  • Streamlines workflow communication
  • Includes system integration to automate rapid delivery of molecular results
  • Provides accurate interpretations and meaningful reports by translating complex raw testing data into coherent reports that are easy for providers to interpret
  • Learn about molecular lab testing & software
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