General Overview

Manage Disparate POCT Scenarios Across Locations

Orchard Point-of-Care provides a high level of configurability, including a SaaS deployment option, that supports diverse POCT scenarios across locations, helping POC Coordinators meet regulatory requirements and improve overall efficiency, patient safety, and reimbursements. 

  • Standardize POCT activities across multiple locations with a high level of configurability and tools for diverse workflows
  • Ensure data privacy between locations with facility-based restrictions  
  • Enable improvements in organization-wide specimen collection, tracking, and processing procedures
  • Support innumerable workflow situations (e.g., solicited or unsolicited orders; bedside or near-patient testing, etc.)
Orchard Point-of-Care Hospital Workflow Diagram
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Track POCT From Your Desk to Improve Efficiency

Solve many of the problems associated with POCT management with Orchard Point-of-Care to track patient testing, devices, operator certifications, and QC from a central location. 

  • Advanced functionality allows managers to monitor POCT operations (e.g. operators, devices, etc.) across all testing locations
  • Comprehensive competency module tracks end user training and certifications (e.g., auto-recertify operators based on specific criteria)
  • Extensive decision-support rule capabilities ensure adherence to procedures, assist in compliance and billing, and enable error-free result transmission
  • Ability to manually enter all off-line or kit tests without a separate module
  • Central repository for QC and reagent lot tracking to help ensure accurate results and patient safety
  • Superior data mining capabilities provide valuable reports to aid informed business decisions
  • Automated security features help enable quality testing and promote patient safety
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Improve Your Point-of-Care Testing ROI

Orchard Point-of-Care includes tools and connectivity that support both fee-for-service and value-based billing models to ensure POCT are properly billed and reimbursements are maximized.

  • Connectivity that enables rapid implementation of new interfaces and timely result delivery to speed patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Integration of POCT results in the EHR with patient safety and compliance built-in
  • Vendor-agnostic device connectivity that includes the ability to rapidly add new device interfaces without disruption
  • Billing integration and decision-support rules that help ensure complete and accurate billing capture
  • Capture of POCT data for analytics projects and population health management initiatives—adding value to the business and improving population health
  • Decision-support rules that allow capture of CPT II Codes to close care gaps for value-based contracts
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Want to Know More?

Contact us to learn how Orchard Point-of-Care can streamline your POCT program and increase your contribution to patient care!