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General Overview

Manage Disparate POCT Scenarios Across Locations

Orchard Point-of-Care provides a high level of configurability, including a SaaS deployment option, that supports diverse POCT scenarios across locations, helping POC Coordinators meet regulatory requirements and improve overall efficiency, patient safety, and reimbursements. 

  • Standardize POCT activities across multiple locations with a high level of configurability and tools for diverse workflows
  • Ensure data privacy between locations with facility-based restrictions  
  • Enable improvements in organization-wide specimen collection, tracking, and processing procedures
  • Support innumerable workflow situations (e.g., solicited or unsolicited orders; bedside or near-patient testing, etc.)

Orchard Point-of-Care Hospital Workflow Diagram

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Track POCT From Your Desk to Improve Efficiency

Solve many of the problems associated with POCT management with Orchard Point-of-Care to track patient testing, devices, operator certifications, and QC from a central location. 

  • Advanced functionality allows managers to monitor POCT operations (e.g. operators, devices, etc.) across all testing locations
  • Comprehensive competency module tracks end user training and certifications (e.g., auto-recertify operators based on specific criteria)
  • Extensive decision-support rule capabilities ensure adherence to procedures, assist in compliance and billing, and enable error-free result transmission
  • Ability to manually enter all off-line or kit tests without a separate module
  • Central repository for QC and reagent lot tracking to help ensure accurate results and patient safety
  • Superior data mining capabilities provide valuable reports to aid informed business decisions
  • Automated security features help enable quality testing and promote patient safety
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Ensure Competency Assessment Compliance

Meet inspection requirements and ensure that lab testing is being performed by certified individuals with the Orchard Competency module to track training and competency evaluations and auto-deliver custom quizzes and checklists.

  • Improve efficiency of lab personnel certifications with custom quizzes and checklists, operator auto-recertification, and immediate feedback for questions
  • Enable standardized and convenient training for multiple topics with web-based, user-friendly access to training materials and quizzes
  • Automate your competency review process with auto-assignment and defined criteria for recertification (i.e., test patient sample, perform QC, perform Proficiency Testing, quiz)
  • Create lab-specific or general quizzes and checklists (e.g., fire, OSHA, safety, etc.)
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Improve Your Point-of-Care Testing ROI

Orchard Point-of-Care includes tools and connectivity that support both fee-for-service and value-based billing models to ensure POCT are properly billed and reimbursements are maximized.

  • Connectivity that enables rapid implementation of new interfaces and timely result delivery to speed patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Integration of POCT results in the EHR with patient safety and compliance built-in
  • Vendor-agnostic device connectivity that includes the ability to rapidly add new device interfaces without disruption
  • Billing integration and decision-support rules that help ensure complete and accurate billing capture
  • Capture of POCT data for analytics projects and population health management initiatives—adding value to the business and improving population health
  • Decision-support rules that allow capture of CPT II Codes to close care gaps for value-based contracts
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What Our Customers Say...


“One of the greatest points about Harvest is the functionality that allows us to set up location-specific sample requirements for each order choice because the same test may be performed at any of four locations and each of those testing locations may have different specimen requirements for the same test. We can even make immediate changes if an analyzer goes down and testing has to be moved to another analyzer. The ease of doing that has helped us tremendously and it helps significantly with training as well, says Robin. “Routing rules firing at the time of order entry make it so much easier on the phlebotomists. We use rules extensively, for everything from adding comments to results to billing,” explains Robin. At ECL, they have one order choice each for CMP, BMP, CBC, etc., then routing rules are used to direct testing to the right location based on insurance, test availability, or methodology. Without the rules, our orders would be a nightmare.”

Robin Williams, LIS Coordinator, East Tennessee State University

"Implementation of Orchard Point-of-Care allows point-of-care (POC) test results to flow from the POC software to both the LIS and the HIS through the interface, resulting in faster access to POC test results and the ability to monitor QC and competencies within one system."

Judy Thompson, MT(ASCP), Point-of-Care Supervisor, Washington Health System

"Over the years, I have had an abundance of interaction with many Orchard personnel and everyone has been extremely helpful and professional. I am also impressed with how proactive Orchard is—staying ahead of industry changes and communicating with users via thought leadership forums (e.g., white papers, symposiums, webinars, etc.). My team and I have gotten a lot of useful continuing education from Orchard's resources."

Nicole Rosen, MT (ASCP), Supervisor - Clinical Pathology Laboratory, Purdue University
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Want to Know More?

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