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General Overview

Supports laboratories in designing specialized workflows to accommodate high-volume testing, provides continuous, real-time monitoring of the testing process, and enables efficient delivery of accurate results that ultimately improve the quality of patient care.

Configurable Workflow Management for Enterprise-level Labs

Orchard Enterprise Lab is designed with maximum flexibility and configurability to support unique workflows across various laboratory scenarios. From interfacing to automation lines to remote point-of-care testing, users can customize workflow tasks for specific laboratory setups.

  • Advanced hematology management offers a dynamic result page tailored specifically for the Hematologist to increase efficiency while reviewing results
  • Integrated microbiology module provides comprehensive tools for culture workup and dynamic reporting, including efficiencies via batch workup and automation
  • Integrated anatomic pathology integrates pathology in the enterprise LIS to support consolidated reporting and data analytics
  • Integrated toxicology includes advanced case management tools and configurability specific to toxicology and pain management laboratories

Superior, Cloud-enabled Lab Networking & Outreach Capabilities

  • Allows remote access to data via a browser-based user interface

Tailored Patient Reports & Robust Reporting Options

  • Offers multiple reporting options plus tools to create custom report formats
  • Allows for configurable delivery options, including HL7, email, web delivery, and faxing

Web- & SQL-based Platform

  • Manages the workflow complexities found in high-volume large laboratories via a Microsoft SQL Server database

Auditable Specimen Tracking from Collection to Reporting

  • Organizes the flow and storage of samples and specimens throughout the testing process for easy retrieval
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Robust Integration & Interfacing Engine Supports Interoperability

Orchard Enterprise Lab’s proven interface engine simplifies interoperability and integration via HL7 standards to connect data across the continuum of care.

Seamless integration across your organization 

  • Expertise in healthcare system integration and interfacing with nearly 30 years of experience.
  • Interfacing to automation lines, laboratory analyzers, EHRs, HIEs, and industry-relevant organization (e.g., CDC, Department of Health, etc.).

Training to build and manage your own interfaces

  • Customize your own interfaces and manage integration on your timeline to ultimately reduce costs.
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Sophisticated Rules & Superior Analytics Drive Efficiency & Patient Safety

Orchard Enterprise Lab enables a flexible, patient-centered approach to rule design that promotes accurate decisions, improves workflow efficiency, and reduces errors.

Solve complex workflow problems & eliminate inefficiencies

  • Create a specialized workflow that accommodates high-volume testing and enables efficient, accurate delivery of patient results.
  • Manage workflow throughout the total testing process with intuitive, logical rule sequencing and sophisticated filter options.
  • Enable quick delivery of results with auto-verification capabilities, including “Quick Suspend” capability.
  • Work closely with providers to eliminate obsolete testing, avoid unnecessary test combinations, and contribute to overall improvements in patient care.

Improve system security and access

  • Track user actions, regulate password security setup, and control access with personnel security management options.

Transform data into valuable laboratory analytics

  • Incorporate advanced tools and decision support to measure performance, improve productivity, and generate valuable business analytics.
  • Track key performance indicators in real time that contribute to consistent and superior service for providers and patients.
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Connecting the entire enterprise laboratory. One instrument at a time.

Modules to Improve Efficiencies & Extend the Lab’s Reach

Orchard Enterprise Lab is designed with the utmost flexibility and scalability to accommodate large volumes of laboratory testing across multiple laboratories and departments performing clinical, microbiology, and pathology testing. The configurability of Orchard Enterprise Lab makes it ideal for unique laboratory situations, such as public health laboratories, toxicology and pain management, and veterinary laboratories.

Molecular Module

Orchard® Molecular includes dynamic workflow support that orchestrates the entire molecular testing process from pre-analytical through post-analytical. Our systems capture data in a searchable, integrated format that allows Orchard to meet the connectivity, workflow, and reporting needs of molecular laboratories.

Toxicology Module

Orchard® Toxicology provides tools that drive workflow efficiencies, patient safety, medication adherence, faster turnaround times, and integrated result reporting. With integration, workflow engine functionality, plate mapping tools, G-code calculation, and medication consistency interpretation, Orchard Toxicology streamlines your lab’s workflow processes.

Point-of-Care Testing

To take point-of-care testing (POCT) management to an advanced level, Orchard® Point-of-Care™ is available for greater control of your POCT activities from your central lab, including tracking of personnel certifications, centralized quality control, and remote management of devices.

Enterprise Pathology

Orchard Enterprise Pathology allows pathology laboratories to employ automated workflows, electronic worksheets, and device interoperability within a single, comprehensive information system. This enterprise-level solution allows laboratories to function efficiently, safely, and profitably, positioning their organization for success.

Microbiology Module

Orchard Enterprise Lab’s electronic Microbiology Work Card is intuitive and easy to use, saves time, and simplifies data management. Sophisticated rules and audit tools help ensure the best reimbursement outcomes with automated billing for IDs and sensitivities.

Client Services Module

The Orchard® Outreach™ Client Services Module improves customer service by allowing users to track inbound calls, run client management reports, monitor client supply inventories, schedule courier routes, and provides a configurable forward-facing client window.

Patient Portal

Orchard® Patient Portal allows patients secure and immediate access to their lab results to improve patient satisfaction, help healthcare organizations to comply with the Cures Act, and promote laboratories as part of an interoperable healthcare system.

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