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General Overview

Orchard Harvest Pathology’s configurability and decision-support technology improves workflow efficiency, quality management, and error-proofing, speeding the pathologists’ diagnosis.

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Efficient Workflow Management Supports Quality Assurance & Patient Safety

Orchard Harvest Pathology offers sophisticated workflow support tools and superior data mining capabilities to support quality assurance metrics and patient safety efforts.

Advanced Workflow Tools

  • Digital pending lists
  • AP web application
  • Bar code-driven, configurable workflow
  • Rules-defined workflow pathways based upon specimen requirements, testing modalities, and client service needs
  • Monitor turnaround times and utilization in real time
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Automate Accurate Billing to Maximize Reimbursements

Orchard Harvest Pathology incorporates the ability to automate accurate billing processes using standard industry-supported coding systems to maximize reimbursements and simplify the billing process.

  • Support for CPT, ICD-10, and SNOMED CT codes
  • User-defined billing rules
  • Multiple options for data entry to ensure consistency
  • Adaptable worksheet templates
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Synoptic Reporting Support to Meet Regulatory Requirements

Orchard Harvest Pathology stores and produces discrete data that enables synoptic reporting and template configuration based on established protocols.

Discrete, Structured Data

  • Enables HL7 interfacing, advanced data mining, and concise patient report formatting
  • Allows advanced data mining that helps users meet registry reporting requirements

Create Multi-discipline Reports

  • Uses a common database that can be utilized as a standalone AP system or a single system—incorporates clinical and molecular testing data
  • Create multi-discipline patient reports that include a comprehensive presentation of results from all laboratory disciplines

Configurable Reporting Tools

  • Create multiple patient report formats by specimen type or client account needs
  • Annotate images via rules or by the pathologist
  • Streamline reporting with rule-driven, automated report delivery options.  Various report delivery methods are available:
    • Printing
    • HL7 with embedded PDF
    • Faxing
    • Transmission to a web portal


Pathology-specific Workflow Options

Patient Safety & Specimen Tracking Built In

  • Bar coded case materials & interfacing
  • Cassette and slide printer integration ensure the right patient record is accessed during each workflow step
  • Bar coded case materials allow bi-directional communication with histology and molecular instruments
  • Specimen tracking options through all phases of testing
  • Real-time pending lists can be configured to include turnaround time—acting as a visual “snapshot” of specimens in progress
  • Digital archive of long-term sample storage concisely documents specimen locations
Orchard Pathology Workflow Diagram
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Lab-administered System Configuration

  • High level of configurability and decision-support technology
  • Advanced metrics and system-wide configurability in the laboratory’s hands
  • On-demand digitized audit trails
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