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Orchard’s solutions offer a myriad of benefits for all phases of testing, routing, and reporting.

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Why Student Health Centers Appreciate Orchard

Orchard’s solutions offer the ease-of-use and intuitive user interaction that student health centers appreciate.

  • Inherent data mining capabilities help improve lab efficiency and increase productivity.
  • Review daily results, track reportable diseases for the State Department of Health, and monitor and resolve billing issues.
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Flexible LIS Solutions Support University Labs

Orchard Software’s solutions are utilized in more than 90 student health centers across 30 states, including the majority of universities that participate in the Big 10 football conference.

The flexibility and configurability of our laboratory information systems continually improves with ongoing input from our diverse user base, and includes powerful capabilities that solve data integration problems and ultimately improve student care and safety.

University Laboratory Software Solutions

Orchard has extensive experience working with universities and student health laboratories, offering software tools to organize laboratory testing through all phases of laboratory analysis. 

COVID-19 Workflow
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Overview of Benefits for University Lab Test/COVID-19 Tracking

  • Improve speed and accuracy of specimen and result delivery.
  • Facilitate communication between laboratories and health departments.
  • Enhance outreach support capabilities and customer service.
  • Improve patient safety and satisfaction.
  • Track supply distribution and inventory.
  • Promote efficient sample and supply routing to facilitate desired turnaround times.
  • Enhance effective workflow and sample tracking.

Integration Expertise Important for Timely Test Reporting

  • Information system integration to support efficient laboratory workflow and rapid turnaround time.
  • Expertise in system integration with hundreds of EMR/EHR interfaces and numerous ELR State Department of Health interfaces, plus thousands of instrument interfaces.
  • Interfacing for molecular PCR analyzers and/or point-of-care testing devices to automate orders and result delivery.

Data Analysis & Tracing Needed for Effective Contact Tracing

  • Powerful data mining tools allow users to run ad hoc reports and automate custom administrative reports that align with laboratory needs and schedules.
  • Users can create reports that identify positive results for reportable diseases to support required reporting and contact tracing.

Orchard Cloud Services Option Provides Secure Environment

  • Orchard Cloud Services provide a secure environment for laboratory information systems and simplify system management and maintenance.
  • All of Orchard’s lab system solutions may be deployed in an Orchard-hosted environment.
  • Ensure information systems are accessible yet secure, allowing you to focus on your core mission.

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