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General Overview

Orchard Outreach is designed for laboratories performing outreach for multiple customers–supporting multiple lab settings as a highly configurable integration solution and results repository. This innovative solution provides customer support tools that enable the automatic flow of data to help healthcare facilities improve customer satisfaction and patient care by reducing errors, saving time, and speeding delivery of results.


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System Connectivity Supports Interoperability

Orchard Outreach is a web-based laboratory integration solution that provides EHR connectivity, simplifies order management, and consolidates result delivery.

Robust interfacing engine & tools

  • Includes configuration tools that change data formats from one system to match those of another—a critical component for smooth integration between systems

Diverse system integration

  • Provides expertise in information system integration with thousands of successfully completed host system, EHR/HIS, billing, HIE, and reference laboratory interfaces

User empowerment—build your own interfaces

  • Customize your own interfaces and manage integration on your timeline to ultimately reduce costs
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Data Management Tools Streamline Workflow

Orchard’s advanced configurable rules improve workflow efficiency and error-proofing by aiding in decision-making to ensure the consistent execution of procedures. Orchard’s systems provide the ability to report information on any field in the database via an intuitive, easy-to-use report writer built directly into the software.

Rules-based decision-support technology

Advanced decision-support technology helps eliminate errors, increase revenue, and save time, contributing to overall improvements in quality, reimbursement, and patient safety.

  • Eliminate duplicate orders and inappropriate tests
  • Avoid unnecessary test combinations and non-value add testing
  • Monitor venipuncture charges and frequency limitations
  • Split orders based on insurance, sample type, and more
  • Screen for medical necessity, including ABN prep
  • Support remote label printing
  • Define billing relationships for reference lab testing
  • Customize billing statuses and apply rules-driven assignment
  • Automate patient testing algorithms
  • Send critical clinician notifications

Quality management metric reporting

The centralized SQL data repository provides expanded support for structured data. Advanced data mining capabilities allow users to track specific client trends and provide exceptional client support.

  • Test or Order Choice Utilization Reports
  • Provider Utilization Reports
  • Turnaround Time Reports
  • Standing Orders Reports
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Proactive Outreach Tools Promote Client Satisfaction

Orchard Outreach is designed for laboratories performing outreach for multiple customers across multiple lab settings—serving as a laboratory integration solution and results repository. With a multitude of configurable features, Orchard Outreach puts you in control of your system and enhances your ability to provide superior outreach support.

Coordinate outreach efforts

  • Advanced, unequaled configurability allows real-time monitoring of outreach activities
  • Support for diverse workflows, including dynamic patient report configurations and versatile report delivery options in a HIPAA-compliant environment
  • Provides real-time monitoring of client activities, allowing you to provide superior customer support

Diverse workflow management

  • Provides flexible tools that enable users to remotely manage multiple diverse workflows from one system

Versatile report delivery options

  • Multiple report delivery options, including HL7 interface, remote automated printing service, inbox, fax, or print
  • Various configurable report delivery schedules
  • Client email notifications

Dynamic patient report configurations

  • Compile results from in-house and reference laboratories into a single patient report for easier review and interpretation
  • Design configurable layout templates to customize report formats that improve the report quality and facilitate informed decision-making
  • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) enable advanced graphic report options that can incorporate color graphs to document result trends, highlight abnormal and critical values, and enhance patient education

HIPAA compliance

To ensure compliance across multiple business entities, Orchard’s systems include HIPAA-compliant features at the practice, location, and user levels.

  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Authentication
  • Extensive, flexible password security options
  • Configurable role-based security
  • Practice- and location-level security options
  • Complete audit trail

Add-on Modules Expand Outreach Benefits

Delivering excellent customer service is paramount when keeping clients satisfied. As optional add-ons, the Client Services module, Orchard Mobile, and Patient Portal are available to help meet specialized needs.

Client Services module

Client Services Module

Improve efficiency and enhance your outreach support capabilities.

  • Track inbound calls
  • Run client management reports
  • Monitor client supply inventories
  • Schedule courier and phlebotomy routes
  • Provide a forward-facing client feature to request or pick up supplies, view past requests, and more

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Mobile Module

Mobile Module

Provides convenient on-the-go access to increase providers’ access to patient data. Users can access Orchard Outreach from any supported browser.

Orchard Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Allow patients to view their laboratory reports, helping them become more engaged in their healthcare plan. Download Brochure

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