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Overview of Our Enterprise Pathology Lab Software

Orchard Enterprise Pathology lab software allows pathology laboratories to employ automated workflows, electronic worksheets, and device interoperability within a single, comprehensive information system. This enterprise-level solution allows laboratories to function efficiently, safely, and profitably, positioning their organization for success.

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Poise Your Pathology Lab for Growth with an Enterprise Pathology LIS Solution

  • Provides system scalability and stability to meet today’s laboratory needs and prepare for future lab menu expansion
  • Offers enterprise workflow advantages that leverage LEAN methodologies to streamline pathology workflows
  • Includes advanced data mining tools that provide quality metrics and valuable business and clinical insights
  • Accommodates large volumes of laboratory testing across multiple laboratories and departments performing clinical, microbiology, molecular, toxicology, pathology, and point-of-care testing
  • Leverages the latest advancements in security and data integrity to promote system reliability and business continuity
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Boost Lab Efficiency & Patient Safety with Progressive Pathology Workflow Tools

  • Help with staff shortages and reimbursement decline with tools that streamline and automate complex workflows
  • Address compliance requirements with tools for synoptic and biomarker reporting (e.g., discrete data fields, configurable data input requirements, adaptable worksheet templates)
  • Drive Quality Assurance initiatives and meet patient safety goals using embedded audit logs, data mining tools, specimen tracking options, worksheet QA entry, and barcoded case materials
  • Boost efficiency and manage high volume workflows with the ability to perform numerous tasks on a large number of orders and/or samples simultaneously
  • Track progress throughout the testing continuum with laboratory processes that you design and create with Orchard’s workflow engine
  • For Cytology and Dermatology testing, inherent coded results and text shortcuts allow users to automate data management and improve reporting time and accuracy.
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Contribute to Organization-wide Interoperability with Orchard’s Integration Expertise

  • Sophisticated integration and interfacing engine allows seamless connectivity between laboratory equipment and information/host systems
  • Collaboration with voice recognition partner to streamline dictation and speed pathology reporting
  • Innovative, forward-focused pathology system poised to support Digital Pathology in future versions
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Want to know more?

Contact us to learn how Orchard Enterprise Pathology can improve your lab’s productivity and your contribution to patient care!