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Lab Administration for Orchard Enterprise Pathology

Lab Administration for Orchard® Enterprise Pathology™ is intended for Lab Administrators who are preparing to install an Orchard system at their facility, or are new to using Orchard’s software. The training is a combination of foundational theory and hands-on exercises using the software. Training is taught through a virtual classroom.


Class Dates

Class Information

  • September 12-14, 2023
  • December 5-7, 2023

Class Times

9:30 AM-4:30 PM (Eastern)

Class Level: New User
Role: Lab Administrators
Orchard Products: Orchard® Enterprise Pathology


Target Audience

Lab Administrators preparing to install an Orchard system at their facility or new to using Orchard Enterprise Pathology.

Class Level

Lab Administration for Orchard Enterprise Pathology is considered introductory training. The training starts with foundational concepts that build upon one another, leading the learner to a fundamental understanding of their Orchard system. Existing users who require a refresher on the basics may also attend, recognizing that the class is geared toward new users.

Continuing Education/Contact Hours

Orchard Software Corporation is approved as a provider of continuing education (C.E.) programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCP Board of Certification.

This training course is approved for 15.0 total contact hours (15.0 CMP points/15.0 CMLE credits).

You will receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion of this course.

Class Overview

Lab Administration for Orchard Enterprise Pathology course is intended for Laboratorian System Administrators who are preparing to install an Orchard system at their facility. The training is a combination of foundational theory and hands-on exercises using the software. This training provides instruction on system functionality and opportunities to practice performing common configurations in your Orchard product. This learning experience prepares Laboratorian System Administrators to perform pre-installation tasks and work with their Field Implementation Analyst during implementation.

The training includes lectures, activities, and hands-on exercises in the training database.

At the end of the training, you will be provided a link to an online Training Evaluation. The feedback received from this evaluation is used to improve the course.



  • Describe Orchard Enterprise Pathology
  • Explain how to sign in and sign out
  • Describe the user interface and navigation
  • Describe online help

New Client Setup

  • Describe the configuration hierarchy
  • Configure System Defaults
  • Configure Practices
  • Configure Locations
  • Describe the lab setup hierarchy
  • Configure Testing Facilities
  • Configure Departments
  • Configure Testing Sections
  • Configure Users
  • Configure Roles

Placing & Collecting Orders

  • Describe the order workflow
  • Place an order
  • Describe release samples

Reviewing & Approving Results

  • Explain how to use the Work in Progress page
  • Work up an AP case
  • Issuing and signing AP reports
  • Adding bill-only items
  • Issuing report amendments and addendums

Viewing Results

  • Retrieve and view historical patient results
  • Explain linked documents

Result Delivery

  • Describe result delivery mechanisms

Label Printer Configuration

  • Describe label printer options
  • Configure a label format
  • Configure label printing rules

Pathology Order Choice Setup

  • Configure specimen sources and specimen source categories
  • Configure protocols
  • Configure container groups
  • Configure pathology report types and sections
  • Configure AP tests
  • Configure AP order choices
  • Explain workflows


  • Configure order entry rules
  • Configure result evaluation rules
  • Configure result approval rules

Instrument Management

  • Describe the Instruments Types page
  • Describe instrument configuration

QC Management

  • Explain how to configure QC
  • Explain how to order, result, and approve QC
  • Explain how to review QC

Layout Templates

  • Describe layout templates
  • Create a layout template
  • Apply a layout template


  • Describe ways to customize your system
  • Customize column views
  • Create custom filters
  • Create text shortcuts
  • Create quick comments
  • Define tabbing order

Reports & Logs

  • Describe and run administrative reports
  • View administrative logs
  • Configure data browsers