COVID-19 Workflow Support

Orchard’s solutions include sophisticated tools that facilitate advanced workflows to help laboratories quickly process, reflex, and route specimens, and track QC/QA activities for COVID-19 testing.

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Sophisticated rules engine facilitates advanced COVID-19 workflows.

Orchard COVID-19 workflow supports:

  • Device (Coronavirus assay) interfaces
  • Auto-reflex for confirmatory testing when indicated
  • Diagnostic test routing to specific lab testing locations
  • Automated test result reporting with integration to public reporting agencies such as the CDC, HHS, public health departments, reference laboratories, and more
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Rapid Test Results & Integration Imperative in a Pandemic

Orchard understands the need for time-sensitive information to flow from public health laboratories to the CDC and to community and reference laboratories.

Our state-of-the-art integration and interfacing capabilities that connect laboratories and the CDC facilitate rapid dissemination of test results and interpretations.

We are proud that our products can play a critical role in routing time-sensitive COVID-19 tests from where they originate to all key laboratories across the country that are on the diagnostics front line.

In addition, our award-winning customer support team is available to assist testing laboratories.

COVID-19 Workflow

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