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Patient Satisfaction & Compliance Tool

Orchard Patient Portal improves patient satisfaction, provides a path for healthcare organizations to comply with the ONC-HIT blocking rule within the Cures Act, and promotes laboratories as part of an interoperable healthcare system.

96% of healthcare patients desire access to their laboratory test results immediately via online portal.

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Features to Benefit Patients

Increase accessibility to medical information

  • Self-service registration, login, and review of results
  • Proactive email notifications

Dashboard for easy access and navigation

  • View and sort PDF results
  • Links to contact the laboratory and edit profile
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Features to Benefit Laboratories

Easy Management of Your Patient Portal

  • Manage registered patient accounts
  • Configure email preferences for portal users
  • Send verification and reset password emails
  • Customize colors of patient portal
  • Access the portal Audit Log

Edit Portal Configuration to Your Specifications

  • Add privacy policy and terms of use to comply with data privacy laws and reassure users of their data security
  • Set up secure log-in for patients that deters malicious activity
  • Edit and automate email appearance including customized links
  • Assign multiple patients to portal account for family access

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Want to Know More?

Contact us to learn how Orchard Patient Portal can improve patient satisfaction!