Technical Support

Technical assistance is available 24/7/365.

Specialists on our U.S.-based Technical Support team are available 7am-7pm ET, Monday through Friday, excluding Orchard holidays.

For critical issues, general technical support is still available 24/7 after hours, weekends, & holidays.


Our pledge is to exceed industry standards for support and to distinguish our service level with excellent response times.

  • Callback Times: Our support system logs issues as they arrive, and our Technical Support Specialists return customers’ calls within the callback times defined in the Service-level Agreement (SLA) associated with their support level (silver, gold, or platinum).
  • Response Rate: The team responds to approximately 98% of all opened tickets within 2 hours during standard business hours, and within 4 hours during weekends, evenings, and holidays.

Time is precious. Let our expert support team help with your LIS project “wish list.”

Our expert service team can help you get those projects completed and ensure your system is doing all that it can to make your jobs easier and your contributions more effective.

Each support level includes assistance with projects, such as software upgrades; however, the depth of Orchard involvement depends on the level you choose:

  • Basic Project Package:
    • Included with Silver and Gold support
    • Project management includes:
      • Scheduling with Orchard’s support team
      • Utilizing a high-level project plan
      • Communicating project start and completion via email
  • Premium Project Package:
    • Included with Platinum support, but can be purchased with other support levels
    • A premium project builds on a basic project with:
      • A more detailed project plan
      • Ongoing communication throughout the project
      • An assigned dedicated Technical Support Specialist

Choose the right support level to meet your facility’s business needs and budget.

Orchard believes in superior customer support and understands that each laboratory is unique, so we offer several support levels.

In addition to these standard support levels, Orchard offers premium services with our Technical Administration and System Administration programs.

Silver Gold Platinum
Global support 24/7
Satisfaction survey with ticket close
Access to Orchard Resource Center
Basic upgrade project package
Faster initial response time
Remote client training
Premium upgrade of project package
Monthly reports of tickets created
32 hours of remote professional services
Response from tier II or higher

Why Orchard Customer Support Stands Out


of customers rate quality of Technical Support service as satisfactory


of customers believe Technical Support calls are handled quickly


of customers believe that Orchard Tech Support technicians are knowledgeable


of customers believe that Orchard Tech Support technicians are courteous when working with them

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What's the best option for you?

Contact your Orchard Account Executive to find out how we can help you move your service and support to the level that works best for you and help ensure that your LIS is fully supporting your lab’s contribution to patient care.

Advanced Technical & System Administration

Technical Administration Option for IT-savvy Labs

The Technical Administration program is for laboratories that have staff who are comfortable with primary system administration but would like consultation and support for more advanced areas of the system.

This program provides help when and where you need it most, and is an economical option for laboratories who do not need full system administration oversight.

Administration Programs Offer a Dedicated Analyst

One of the greatest benefits of an advanced administration option is that you gain a dedicated System Administrator Analyst (SAA). Your personal SAA knows your system and can ensure that everything runs efficiently and smoothly, allowing you to focus on elevating patient care.

Your SAA will:

  • Provide a weekly status report
  • Attend weekly calls to discuss open items and ensure progress
  • Monitor build and hotfix releases
  • Track professional service time
  • Ensure follow-up on unresolved items handled after hours
  • Identify optimization opportunities
  • Work with customer system administrator on change control
  • Escalate items to other teams as needed

System Administration Support for Full System Oversight

Our System Administration option builds on the Technical Administration program and is for laboratories that can benefit from primary system administration assistance, including execution and support for workflows, testing, troubleshooting, reporting, and configuration.

In addition to providing full system administration oversight, this program includes an optional system maintenance component.

About System Maintenance Checks

When you take advantage of ongoing system maintenance checks, your primary System Administration Analyst (SAA) performs daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual system checks, communicates the findings, and reviews any necessary resolution options with you.

Experience Confidence with Orchard’s Commitment to Rapid Response Times

Both our Technical Administration and System Administration programs offer a commitment to rapid response times.

Analysts on our System Administration Team are available 8am-6pm ET, Monday through Friday, excluding Orchard holidays.

For critical issues, support is still available from our Technical Support Team after hours, weekends, & holidays.

Response Time: 30 Minutes Critical
Any product or multiple interfaces/workstations are down or operating in a materially degraded state
An error resulting in catastrophic failure
Potential patient care affected or imminent risk to patient safety/ PHI
Issue has material financial impact
Response Time: 2 Hours High
A product with material issues that cannot be easily circumvented
A product is unusable and there are no workarounds
Data entry or access is materially impaired
An interface or label printing is down
Response Time: 4 Hours Medium
A product operating with minor issues that can be easily circumvented
Request for routine assistance or information
A product is unusable and there are available workarounds
Disabled non-essential workflows with no workaround available
Response Time: 8 Hours Low
A non-critical error resulting in inconveniences of any licensed product with no available workarounds
Requests for assistance or information
Test environment issues

Select the Depth of Support: Technical Administration vs. System Administration

Both Technical Administration and System Administration agreements include assistance by an assigned personal System Administrator Analyst (SAA), who provides expert guidance to optimize and maintain your system. Your SAA will ensure ongoing, regular communication and connect you to any Orchard resources that your organization needs.

Technical Administration System Administration
Perform daily maintenance system checks
Provide level I support for basic customer troubleshooting
Assist and train staff (e.g., ordering, accessioning, resulting,
tracking laboratory data)
Assist with basic database configuration changes (e.g., build
new order choices; add providers, label printers, and/or rules)
Consult, build, and map new order choice/lab tests for host
and reference lab interfaces
Conduct weekly calls to prioritize & review open items report
Facilitate client initiatives, updates, features, and
Provide level II support and engage level III when required
Provide consultation for ordering, accessioning, resulting,
and tracking laboratory data
Provide consultation for basic database configuration
changes (e.g., build new order choices; add providers, label
printers, and/or rules)
Provide consultation on new order choice/lab tests for host
and reference lab interfaces
Assist with testing new instruments and HL7 integrations
Provide System Administration Analyst
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Ready for more time for patient care?

Let us help take care of the day-to-day system administration tasks, so you can focus on what matters most—outstanding patient care!

Professional Services

Arrange professional service hours to round out your support with expertise and assistance for all of your laboratory’s needs.

Orchard’s subject matter experts and specially trained support specialists can assist with tasks such as:

  • Database refinement
  • Custom reports (SSRS)
  • Mapper Script changes
  • Interface reconfiguration
  • Installation of NCD/ICD/LCD codes
  • Custom queries
  • Extensive setup/configuration (e.g., rules, browsers, etc.)
  • Adding or replacing a new instrument with a different interface type
  • System optimization

Contact your Orchard sales account representative to arrange professional services.

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Want to know more?

Contact us to learn how Orchard's support plans and administration programs can improve your lab productivity and your contribution to patient care!