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Choose Your Support Level

There are three support levels available: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Orchard’s technical support is available via phone, online, or email 24/7/365. The Technical Support Center is fully staffed Monday through Friday, from 7am to 7pm Eastern Time, with the exception of holidays. During weekends, evenings, and holidays, a limited staff is available for frontline support to address critical support issues.

Technical Support Options Comparison
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Support Response Times

Orchard utilizes a support ticket system to log issues as they arrive. Technical Support Specialists return customer calls within the callback times defined in their Service-level Agreement (SLA). During business hours, approximately 98% of all opened tickets are responded to within two hours. During off hours, approximately 98% are responded to within four hours.

One-on-one technical assistance from our highly proficient support team is available whenever you need guidance. Also, with any of our support options, software upgrades are included and available as they are released for installation at your convenience.

Orchard Special Project Packages

Each Orchard support level includes support for projects, such as software upgrades; however, the depth of Orchard involvement is dependent on the level you choose.

Orchard’s Basic Upgrade Project package is included with Silver and Gold support. Projects are scheduled with Orchard’s support team and a simple project plan is provided and followed. Project start and completion are communicated via email.

Orchard’s Premium Upgrade Project is included with Platinum support, but can be purchased with other support levels, if desired. A premium project includes a more detailed project plan, ongoing communication, and assignment of a dedicated Technical Support Specialist.

System Administration &
Service-level Agreement Program Options

Our advanced service options may be optimal for your lab if you are interested in faster support response time, access to Tier II technicians when you call, or premium upgrade packages for detailed projects.

System Check Agreement

With a System Check Agreement, Orchard will coordinate and assist with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual maintenance tasks.

Service-level Agreement (SLA)

We offer multiple service level options, so you can get the level of support you need for your system.

System Administration

System Administration details are customized for each customer, but may include a personal care coordinator, ongoing training, assistance with workflow optimization and inspection data, and more.

Professional Services

Orchard’s Professional Service Hours can be used for:

  • Custom reports (SSRS)
  • Mapper Script changes
  • Interface reconfiguration
  • Installation of NCD/ICD/LCD codes
  • Custom queries
  • Extensive setup/configuration (e.g., rules, browsers, etc.)
  • Adding or replacing a new instrument with a different interface type
  • System  optimization

Why Orchard Customer Support Stands Out


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