LIS Features for Pain Management and Toxicology Labs

Offering complete lab system integration, decision-support rules, and configurable analytics, Orchard’s systems support the toxicology lab’s need for efficiency and streamlined workflow processes.

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Orchard’s Integration Expertise Makes Interfacing Smooth

  • Orchard is an expert in analyzer interfacing, including a multitude of successful interfaces, such as pharmacogenetics and confirmatory testing analyzers.
  • Orchard’s system integration provides a seamless flow of data that eliminates manual entry, reduces errors, and ensures accurate invoicing.
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Configurable Reporting Capabilities Support Diverse Workflows

  • Orchard’s product diversity allows labs to meet a wide variety of user-configurable reporting needs.
  • Reports can indicate if a patient’s medication level is consistent with prescribed medication, display assay cutoffs, or include other pertinent clinical results.
  • Reports can be distributed in a variety of methods, including web access, fax, or automated remote printing.
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Decision-support Rules & Lab Analytics Improve Lab Productivity

  • Decision-support rules based on medications prescribed and analytes detected enhance productivity, ensure quality results, and improve consistent reporting.
  • Data mining and analytics enable monitoring and documentation of compliance activities and reporting of inconsistent findings for corrective actions.
  • Analytics can be used to support risk stratification to identify abuse potential, increasing patient safety.
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Document Medications Linked to Lab Orders to Improve Patient Safety

  • Orchard’s systems support a valuable medication table that allows for medication documentation in a discrete and user-friendly format.
  • Rules can be implemented to require entry of medications on an order, evaluate the results of tests with tied medications, and provide medication information from the order on the final report, enhancing the value of the lab results.
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We’d love to chat with you to describe how Orchard’s solutions and services can benefit your pain management or toxicology laboratory. Drop a line and we’ll get right back to you!