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It is no secret that healthcare is in a constant state of change. Orchard understands this, and has committed to embracing innovation as one of our core values. At Orchard, we commit to research, modernization, and leading-edge technology progression within the healthcare industry. We commit to creating, developing, and implementing new products and services with the goal of improving laboratory effectiveness, elevating patient care, and improving patient lives.

Announcing Orchard Enterprise Pathology

We are very excited to announce the general availability of Orchard® Enterprise Pathology™. This new, enterprise-level anatomic pathology information system is a dedicated, specialized extension of Orchard® Enterprise Lab™ that allows pathology laboratories to employ automated workflows, electronic worksheets, device interoperability, and other imperative laboratory operations within a single, comprehensive information system. This enterprise-level solution allows laboratories to function efficiently, safely, and profitably—positioning their organization for growth and success.

By using new, leading-edge sophisticated integration and an interfacing engine to support seamless interoperability between laboratory equipment and information systems, Orchard Enterprise Pathology enables you to grow your business to the heights you desire.

Benefits of Pathology in the Cloud

Orchard Enterprise Pathology, which can be deployed in the cloud as well as on premise, is an Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Information System (APLIS) designed to enable pathology laboratories to continue to expand their business, quickly adapt to change, and become an integral part of an interoperable healthcare system. The solution includes tools that boost lab efficiency and productivity, support regulatory requirements, and improve patient safety.

With Orchard’s cloud-based solution, unlike with a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, you own not only the data, but the entire system. Our experts assist you in configuring and customizing the system to meet the unique requirements of your laboratory. Additionally, you benefit from Orchard’s experienced and skilled engineers to ensure that your system is safe, secure, and reliable, allowing you to get back to what is most important for your business.

Partner with Orchard for Growth & Success

Orchard’s focus on the future gives you the confidence that when implementing Orchard Enterprise Pathology, adding new disciplines and technologies is routine, and ensures the growth and success of your business.

Contact Orchard Software today at (800) 856-1948 to learn more about our newest innovation and how this solution can elevate your pathology level to unforeseen heights.