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As part of our long-standing commitment to our customers and continued investment in growth, we are excited to share with you that we have acquired Corwen, LLC to accelerate our LIS’ molecular capabilities and strengthen our commitment to provide the most comprehensive, integrated LIS solution. Corwen brings more than 20 years of expertise in molecular workflow and technical integration, and like Orchard, is known for its reputation for superior customer service.

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Dynamic Molecular Workflow Support to Automate Complex Molecular Testing

Orchard and Corwen have worked collaboratively for several years and have more than a dozen mutual customers who are performing robust, high-volume molecular testing. For laboratories performing molecular testing, Orchard’s enterprise LIS includes dynamic molecular workflow support that automates complex molecular testing processes, reduces manual steps and paperwork, and helps increase the lab’s ability to contribute to quality patient care. This partnership will allow Orchard to boost COVID-19 testing support, including sample pooling and liquid handler integration.

UNC Chapel Hill’s COVID-19 Tracking Project

Orchard teamed with Corwen to assist the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in their endeavor to keep students and faculty safe on campus during the pandemic.

“The Orchard-Corwen team played a central role in carrying out our COVID-19 tracking project with amazing speed and collaboration, helping us improve our testing workflow and reduce the impact of the pandemic on our students and faculty.”


— J. Michael Barker, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Information Technology & Chief Information Officer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

We are excited to include advanced molecular testing support in our enterprise suite of LIS software products and bring this offering to our customers and the LIS market.

Orchard’s Commitment

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Kim Futrell, MT(ASCP), MSHI
May 2021