Orchard’s laboratory information systems provide you with tools to help maintain a productive laboratory despite staffing challenges, tightening reimbursements, and changing healthcare environments. Utilizing process automation, robust interfaces, and rules-based decision-support technology, Orchard’s systems address regulatory issues, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and increase reimbursements. The design and development of Harvest LIS, with ongoing input from our diverse user base, includes many powerful, flexible features capable of handling a variety of laboratory workflows and business situations. Orchard is committed to developing, installing, and supporting the very best laboratory information systems, and, as healthcare continues to progress, Orchard will continue to respond to the needs of the laboratory and provide the strategic partnership needed for laboratory success.


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Orchard’s White Papers: A “Must Read” for Laboratorians, Pathologists & Healthcare Leaders

In an effort to empower laboratorians and healthcare leaders and give specific suggestions for ways to prosper within a value-based healthcare setting, Orchard has published an informative series of white papers intended to give speci­fic suggestions for ways to succeed in the new world of value-based healthcare. These white papers will help you rethink your lab’s role in the changing healthcare environment and outline ways to successfully show your lab’s value as healthcare shifts towards the new reimbursement model.

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Watch Orchard’s Webinar: The Lab’s 2016 Checklist for Demonstrating Value in the New Healthcare Model

Orchard Software presents a webinar that encourages laboratorians to rethink their value model as reform continues to shape the future of healthcare. Kim Futrell, Orchard’s Products Marketing Manager, presents a number of ways that laboratories can increase their value including maximizing efficiency, oversight of test utilization, adding valuable interpretations to test results, reevaluation of test menus, providing valuable analytics, and collaborating with other departments to influence positive patient outcomes and increase organization-wide

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