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Orchard Software’s newest white paper discusses the growing practice of population health management (PHM) and the opportunity for laboratories to understand and be involved in PHM to continue demonstrating their value in new ways.

Population Health Management Gains Popularity

With changes in economic incentives, quality metrics, and performance drivers in healthcare, PHM is quickly becoming a critical competency for healthcare organizations. Our white paper discusses the essential components of a PHM program and advances in the health information technology (HIT) tools that are enabling PHM. It also provides a PHM case study that demonstrates how a laboratory can be involved.

The Laboratory’s Contribution to PHM

With shifting priorities in the healthcare environment, the way laboratories provide value is evolving. The lab can be effective in PHM because it is the “gatekeeper” for a large portion of the data necessary for PHM. This creates specific opportunities where labs can support shifting reimbursement models and PHM initiatives, as well as poise themselves for success in value-based care. Our white paper intends to inform laboratory professionals about the increasing relevance of PHM and delve into how the laboratory can support PHM to promote the full value of the laboratory and its data.

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Orchard understands the importance of keeping laboratory professionals informed. That is why we continue to create free resources with the laboratory in mind. This paper joins all of Orchard’s white papers available for download at orchardsoft.com/whitepapers. As always, Orchard is invested in the laboratory and its changing needs, and is proud to present the latest addition to our white paper series to support and educate those in the industry.

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