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Orchard Software is partnering with numerous colleges and universities to implement its COVID-19 university testing software solution, designed to help universities bring their students and faculty back to school safely. The laboratory information system (LIS) solution enables universities to automate and streamline their COVID-19 order entry, sample collection, and sample routing processes; and to identify positive patients using Orchard’s powerful data analysis tools.

For Universities With or Without an Internal Laboratory
Orchard’s solutions can improve processes associated with COVID-19 testing for universities that are performing testing on-site or collecting samples to send to an off-site laboratory. Universities with a testing laboratory can use Orchard’s system for sample intake, internal testing, and reporting. For those universities without an internal testing lab, Orchard provides interfacing to quickly route test results to the university. Overall, this solution makes it possible for universities to develop a comprehensive and streamlined approach to ensure that students and faculty get testing results when needed, and that positive results are responded to as quickly as possible to minimize disease spread across campuses.

Purdue University On Board
Purdue University has implemented Orchard’s solution and is performing testing on campus. As a result, Purdue will be using all components of Orchard’s university testing solution, including order entry, sample collection, sample routing, sample intake, internal testing, and reporting.

Indiana University has also selected Orchard to help get students back to classes safely as part of their COVID-19 plan. “IU has taken a very serious approach to planning,” said Paul Halverson, founding dean of the Indiana University Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health. “The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our utmost concern, and we will not bring people back to unsafe conditions, and that’s the bottom line.”

Orchard is also working with several other universities including the University of Massachusetts and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to support their COVID-19 planning efforts and help them focus on their core mission of providing education to their students in a safe manner.

Orchard offers flexible solutions and options that are beneficial to any student health center that is in the process of addressing the COVID-19 crisis. Orchard offers an advanced workflow process engine that assists with laboratory workflows, specimen tracking, case management, and administrative reporting. In addition, Orchard’s integration expertise allows for automated orders from student health centers and other referring facilities as well as rapid result transmission to client EHRs and health departments.

For more information, download our University COVID-19 brochure or call us at (800) 856-1948.