Mutually Beneficial, Long-term Partnership with Orchard Software

A longtime Orchard Software customer, Mary Lanning Healthcare uses multiple Orchard products to effectively boost lab efficiency, speed test reporting, improve patient safety, and increase their lab’s overall contribution to patient care. Mary Lanning is focused on efficiency and finding better ways to take care of its patients, and the laboratory has leveraged the many tools in Orchard’s products to support their goals.

Mary Lanning and Orchard Software teamed up in 2009 when the laboratory installed Orchard® Pathology and Orchard® Outreach. Since then, Mary Lanning Healthcare Laboratory Services has expanded their Orchard product suite to include Orchard® Harvest Microbiology module, Orchard® Point-of-Care, and Orchard® Collect.

Positive Patient ID Elevates Patient Safety

One of the initial projects undertaken by Mary Lanning’s laboratory involved specimen bar coding for block slide verification. Specimen bar codes are used for pathology to enable specimen tracking and patient ID verification across the entire process—from the specimen container, to the cassette, to the slide, and ultimately, to the pathologist. This block slide verification process ensures that the correctly identified patient specimens move through the system without errors. Compared to the previous process that involved handwriting on the slides, the bar code system has greatly improved the lab’s confidence in their processing accuracy and patient safety.

“One of the great things about Orchard is the system flexibility that allows us to improve our overall processes, rather than trying to replicate an inefficient paper system.”

— Dr. Adam Horn, Chief Medical Officer and Laboratory Medical Director

Innovative Report Setup Speeds Result Delivery

With a significant amount of ancillary data and send out tests that do not flow through the interfaces, the lab was able to design a real-time data aggregation solution using a novel report type. The lab’s ingenuity and knowledge of the vast functionality within their Orchard products allowed them to use this clever reporting tool to aggregate the information and speed result delivery.

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These are just two examples of the innovative ways Mary Lanning Healthcare Laboratory Services is leveraging Orchard’s product suite to improve the way they deliver patient care. To learn more, download the full Mary Lanning Customer Spotlight.