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Are you still manually typing your urine analysis results?

Orchard Software has completed the interface with the Clarity Platinum Urine Analyzer, the first urine analyzer with built-in networking, eliminating the need for costly external hardware. Contact Orchard Software to learn how we can streamline your workflow and save time, or contact Clarity Diagnostics to hear about the improved clinical accuracy and cost savings on the reagents for the Platinum Analyzer!

The highlights of the product are:

  • Built-in networking, eliminating the need for external hardware like Lantronix®, Digi® Box or other costly hardware
  • Additional compliance features, which can detect expired strips, humidity exposure & blood interference in sample
  • Increased sensitivity resulting in earlier detection of UTIs
  • Barcode Reader included, Strip/QC lot & expiration and patient & operator ID captured on every test
  • New Lot ID/Lockout Functionality, new lots can be flagged for QC
  • Made in the USA
  • Full color touch screen