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The Clinical Pathology Laboratory in the Purdue University Veterinary Hospital implemented Orchard Software’s laboratory information management system (LIMS) and outreach solutions in 2010 and has successfully used the system to make their jobs easier by automating and error-proofing their workflow. This allows the laboratory to focus on its goal of providing excellent laboratory service for the Veterinary Hospital and College of Veterinary Medicine. 

The Veterinary Hospital’s Search for the Best LIMS

When searching for a new LIMS, Nicole Rosen, Manager of the Veterinary Hospital’s Clinical Pathology Laboratory, was interested in a human-based system, realizing that LIMS/LIS systems built for human healthcare are much further along than those built for veterinary care from a technology and functionality standpoint. Rosen did her due diligence, and her search was quickly narrowed down to Orchard Software after looking at several systems that required significant improvisation to meet the lab’s needs. 

Product Functionality That Benefits the Clinical Pathology Lab

Orchard Harvest has been recognized in the industry as being intuitive and user-friendly because it was designed with input from laboratory professionals. The easy-to-use, straightforward user interface, along with the ability to easily access system data, is at the top of Rosen’s list of positives for Orchard Harvest. 

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Orchard® Harvest™ maximizes process automation and decision-support technology to improve workflow efficiency, reduce errors, and increase the value of lab services to providers and patients.