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Beatrice Community Hospital & Health (BCH) was an early adopter of our Orchard® Point-of-Care™ solution. With many point-of-care testing (POCT) locations, management of their POCT program was quite a challenge, making Orchard Point-of-Care a perfect fit. BCH, located in Beatrice, Nebraska, is a full-service critical access hospital with emergency services and an urgent clinic, plus eight other clinic locations. Their POCT operators perform approximately 15,000 POC tests annually.
Orchard Point-of-Care contributed to a significant improvement in their laboratory’s ability to manage the complexities of a multi-location POCT program because the solution allows for centralized oversight and management of all POCT activities. The overall efficiency and productivity of their POCT saw a boost by allowing the laboratory manager to monitor POCT in the clinic locations without having to travel to each location.

“Overall, the biggest advantage that [Orchard Point-of-Care] offers our lab is more control of POCT—the ability to oversee end users and run reports without having to go anywhere. [Orchard Point-of-Care] is very user friendly in that aspect.”

– Gina Kapels, Director of Laboratory Services


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