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Be sure to listen in on the “Standardizing Point of Care Testing and Harmonizing Workflows Between Hospitals and Ambulatory Locations” webinar! It is being held at 1pm EST March 8th and is sponsored by Whitehat Communications.

Webinar Summary
No matter how large or small your facility, or how many hospitals or ambulatory sites you have in your healthcare system, the steps to standardizing test systems and harmonizing workflows resonate throughout the healthcare industry. This webinar will review the details of integrating three community hospitals, two academic hospitals, 40 physician offices, and 12+ university clinics into one point-of-care program. You will hear firsthand about challenges and successes when standardizing and harmonizing workflows, procedures, and test devices.

Jeanne Is a Great Speaker
The speaker, Jeanne Mumford, BS, MT(ASCP), is currently the Pathology Manager for Point-of-Care Testing at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Jeanne offers years of experience in regulatory oversight, quality assurance projects, and laboratory inspection preparedness and planning. Her team of point-of-care coordinators works closely with providers across the enterprise to support patient needs by engaging, educating, and evaluating clinical testing personnel.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Establish open communication and identify key players in standardization of point-of-care tests
  2. Discuss tools and strategies for multidisciplinary collaboration
  3. Identify POCT clinical considerations and managerial challenges

To Learn More, Download Our White Paper: Standardizing Your Point-of-Care Testing Program
POCT continues to gain traction, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, POCT management brings a unique set of challenges because of the diversity of locations, workflows, devices, and operators. The expected growth and ongoing benefits of POCT, alongside the complexity of its oversight, make standardizing your POCT beneficial, specifically by improving efficiency and controlling costs.

Download our white paper to learn more.