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In Case You Missed It

Be sure to watch the Orchard/Whitehat Communications webinar recording:
“Do More With Less” Ease the Burden of Staff Shortages & Boost Lab Productivity.

Visit: https://www.whitehatcom.com/orchardsoft

Webinar Summary

White Hat WebinarLaboratory professionals often feel overworked and underappreciated and are constantly dealing with staff shortages and healthcare industry changes. Being continually asked to “do more with less” in a challenging career can lead to burnout and frustration. And, this past year, the COVID-19 pandemic created an even greater demand for qualified medical laboratory scientists.

Because lab results are vital data to providers, timeliness and accuracy are key factors in the success of medical laboratory professionals. The workforce shortage hampers the ability of laboratories to meet testing demands, which can pose problems for patient care. As job openings continue to outpace new graduates, labs are challenged to innovate and find new ways to improve overall efficiency and productivity in order to “do more with less.”

The webinar discusses the current healthcare and laboratory landscape and the ongoing shortage of qualified laboratory professionals. The speaker shares methods that successful labs are using to adapt and thrive within a dynamic healthcare environment, including recruitment and retention examples. Lastly, the webinar delves into the concept of leveraging your laboratory information system (LIS) to boost productivity, with a special focus on the value and benefit of result auto-verification.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe relevant trends within the current healthcare and laboratory industry markets.
  2. Define reasons for the shortage of trained laboratory professionals and explore staff retention strategies.
  3. Recognize tactics being used by successful laboratories to thrive in a dynamic healthcare landscape.
  4. Examine the value of your LIS as a productivity tool, including appraisal of the benefits of result auto-verification.

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